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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Address: 3487 Bethel Rd SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366

Phone: (360) 874-9504

Website: https://locations.wendys.com/united-states/wa/port-orchard/3487-bethel-road-se?utm_source=Yext&utm_medium=Google_My_Business&utm_campaign=Local_Search&utm_content=EN_US

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Jay George
Unbelievable location. Worst Wendy’s experience ever. First off, this store is dirty, food all over the floor. Secondly the staff is incompetent, too lazy to empty the trash and can’t understand the meaning of NO ONIONS or MAYO ONLY. When my #9 arrived it had onions and some weird sauce. Returned it because accidents happen and the replacement was so undercooked the center was still cold and pink. The staff including the manager needs to be fired and or This place needs closed down. Only gave 1 star because zero wasn’t an option.
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Russell Ware
Wendy’s is one of the best fast food places around. Good burgers good fries. Unfortunately the one in Port Orchard is the slowest I have ever experienced. I’ve been to a lot of Wendy’s throughout the years all along the west coast and this one is the slowest drive-thru I’ve ever seen. Someone should help the manager here. They miss a lot of business because people drive by due to the length of the line. Good luck
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Jeff Pugh
Service was a 1. Total chaos and orders were getting mixed up. The new fries they brag about taste just like the old. Burgers are thinner. They put cheese on mine after I explicitly told them not to. Chili was so so. Not the quality it use to be. A woman with 3 kids waited 20 mins while they fulfilled orders taken after hers.
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Well what can I say the $5 meal deal deserves five stars it doesn’t really fill me up however if you’re just kind of looking for something to eat that won’t super-duper fill you up yet you will find yourself somewhat content and not hungry the Wendy’s $5 meal deal is a awesome and cheap and very tasty good deal in my opinion. I always get the double cheeseburger four piece nuggets french fries and a soda after tax it’s $5.45 so when you’re just looking for a small yet fulfilling snack $5 meal deal and they also they got the four for four deal also I believe I always get the five. Hope that helps!
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Ian Brock
It’s a mixed bag sometimes the burgers are amazing full of flavor,other times dry and poorly seasoned. Fry’s are ok but would love it if they had crispy shoe string fries. it would make having them with a frosty really good for a late night snack.
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I do like there burgers, I just wish I could get what I actually ordered.. I went through the drive thru and they completely gave me the wrong order. So the last time I was there, I dine in.. They still gave me the wrong order ‍♂️ Then when I was leaving, I asked for a to go bag which for some reason took 5 minutes to give me.
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Lacey Ramsey
Terrible service, no matter how you get your food (dine in, drive thru, or food delivery). They frequently cancel orders on delivery apps without notice, take 20-30 minutes to pickup food in the drive thru, and I’ve often witnessed 3-4 employees standing around the drink machine talking or joking. I understand that labor is hard to come by these days but that’s no excuse to skip on basic service standards.
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Kevin Vergason
Quality control here is horrible. Since 2020 I have never been able to get an order from here that wasn’t either missing food or was the wrong food. I wouldn’t mind as much if it also wasn’t the slowest fast food place in town. Long wait and poor quality , name alone is all that seems to keep them in buisness. Wendys used to be my favorite fast food but not anymore. Until they get their act together, it’s not even an option for my house.
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Herod Telusnord
Wendys is different. As a fast reataurant, they offer healthier food than most. They have a variety of menu. This wendy, in particular, has an incredible staff that you can trust. They trained their employees to handle customer complaints and provide satisfaction. Whenever, i am not happy with something, they ensure that my issues get resolved immediately. I would recommend this Wendy to anyone
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Ryan Devlin
Good is always good at this location but be weary of the drive through window if your on a time limit, it is popular and fills up fast. The folks working here work hard though and do awesome work to keep the line moving.
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