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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Wednesday6:30 AM–12 AM
Thursday6:30 AM–12 AM
Friday6:30 AM–12 AM
Saturday6:30 AM–12 AM
Sunday8 AM–12 AM
Monday6:30 AM–12 AM
Tuesday6:30 AM–12 AM

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Address: 5235 N Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75040

Phone: (972) 865-7721



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Telisha Phillips
Customer’s service was trash food was trash they giving everyone in there cold food , even after we requested we wanted fresh food and other customers as well. They have one person working window and register the manager or whoever she was didn’t care either. Handing every one old food. They also didn’t great anyone when they walked in , didn’t really acknowledge none of the customers just was making orders quick with once again food that already been sitting fries taste so horrible my kids doesn’t want to eat them as well. If we get sick we know why
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Melissa Sumbera
Food was good and hot. Big enough portions for the money you spend! Love that they didn’t give me more ice than drink also!
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We placed a mobile order 20min before closing for two baconators w/out buns which we order often from location in Richardson. Decided to order from this location because we had just got done at gym close by. Service was fast but when we got home the bacon used in both burgers was crumbs also one burger they used one regular beef patty and 2 of the smaller ones. This is very unacceptable. Not at all what we get when we order at other locations. Will not be back, regardless.
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Kim Mcgee
Lobby was closed by the time we got there, so we ate in the parking lot. It would have been nice to be able to sit at a picnic table or something other than the curb. But the food was good.
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Brenden West
Ordered a Baconator plain but add BBQ sauce. Got home with no bacon on the sandwich. Guy on the headset didn’t know what I was wanting and asked me 4 times what it was. When I got to the window, 3 people asked me if I wanted the bbq sauce on the sandwich or on the side and I told all of them I wanted it on the sandwich. He was training, so I’ll give him a pass, but the other 2 people who asked me appeared to be shift leaders. Quick service, though, and burger was hot even when I got home. No complaints there.
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Vannessa Beltran
I don’t usually leave reviews but today i felt the need to. Doors were open and online said dining was open as well. went inside to pick up my mobile order and was looked at up and down by one employee. another employee does not face me as she is in the corner, where i cannot she her and tells me I had to go through the drive thru. Very disrespectful and has no manners. I was allowed to be inside and was told to leave and go through the drive thru and refused to acknowledge i was there. I would not recommend going here bad service and disrespect people.
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Anjuma Chowdhury
Everything we ordered was very fresh. However, the chicken on the salad we ordered has most definitely spoiled. It’s smells so bad. I have tried calling this location, but no one is answering.
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Gary Wilson
$28 for 2 burger meals. The top bun on each burger was cold, not like room temp, but like just out of the fridge. Was told they would warm it, if we havent taken a bite out of it yet. Horrible…
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scott spencer
Ine young lady in the morning takes pride in her work unlike two of the managers that are there, the regular employee made sure my order was coreect, made sure i had everything i needed for my order, one day she was off, one of the lady managers got my order and 1. It was wrong, came back for lunch that day it was wrong and i got none of the condiments. Two days later, i come for lunch, the employee was just leaving and i got a new mgr, so i order my food and i said hey i forgot to scan my code for points can we correct that, she just says no and there js nothing we can do about it… fast forward to today and i see someone void an order for a customer so they can get their points, and i spent over $20 for my food and yet she was either too lazy to do it or she just didnt want to do it. Make the young lady at the counter in the mornings a mgr, like i said she takes pride in her job and she gets it done. She is the only reason i continue to come to this location.
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Go somewhere else. Was at this location on 4/30/23 11am, very few others there. They made us wait at the drive through menu for too long then struggled to take our order. They told us to pull up after we paid and we waited and waited and waited. Wife goes in to get the order…comes back out…its wrong, thrown in the bag, and no receipt. Funny they kept cutting us off while ordering to ask what sauce with the nuggets then didn’t give us any. Just clear this place out and start from scratch on rehiring
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