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Peri peri is a cuisine based off the African Bird’s-eye chili pepper. For many years, this elusive pepper was tucked away in Southern Africa, until it was discovered by Portuguese explorers in the 20th century. They infused their dishes with the irresistible qualities of this pepper and ignited taste buds all around the world. Until now, the United States has remained in the dark about peri peri. Tribos would like to introduce you to the chili that set the world ablaze. Enlighten yourself with our succulent offerings, paired with our signature blends of spices, and join us on a journey around the globe. With inspirations from Portugal, Mozambique, and Southern Asia, Tribos peri peri is bound to send you on a flavor trip you will never

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Address: 401 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840

Phone: (732) 243-9305



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Metuchen, NJ | Portuguese, Halal Restaurant in the US

Enlighten yourself with our succulent offerings, like our signature Peri-Peri Chicken paired with our signature blends of spices, and join us on a journey …

Tribos Peri Peri | Portuguese, Halal Restaurant in the US

Enlighten yourself with our succulent offerings, like our signature Peri-Peri Chicken paired with our signature blends of spices, and join us on a journey …

Menu | Tribos Peri Peri | Portuguese, Halal Restaurant in the US

Paneer Rice Bowl. Rice, house salad, topped with grilled paneer cheese · Falafel Rice Bowl. Rice, house salad, topped with grilled paneer cheese · FALAFEL PITA.


Mohamed Khalifa
It’s my first time visiting this place and most likely will be the last. I ordered the whole chicken and the two sides ( rice and the steamed vegetables). The side of steamed vegetables was half cooked. It was half warm and half still frozen. I told the server and he said he won’t do anything to fix the problem. Save your money and eat somewhere you can get decent service.
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Ty Nie
Recommend: fries, falafel, lamb chops
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Shankar Bhavsar
Received an amazing service by each one of the employees, and food quality was fresh and delicious. I’m going to be visiting this place again n again and highly recommend to my family and friends living in the NJ.
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Harmeet Sheemar
First time here and the service was great!! Definitely will be coming back. The servers recommendations were the best options. Get the chicken spinach wrap! So juicy and delicious. French fries are a perfect crisp and falafel is a must for an appetizer! I also recommend the wings! The lemon flavor. They were so good I forgot to take a picture!
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Isaac Kremer
Tribos has been a welcome addition to the booming food and dining scene in downtown Metuchen. Over 20 new businesses have opened since 2020 alone. Everything is good here. Falafel has a nice crust but is moist and crumbly inside. We tried the house salad with falafel and were pleased for the value at the very reasonable price point.
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Julia W
Ordered the Chicken burger with mild sauce for take-out. A bit messy but very flavorful and delicious. The burger was seasoned and paired perfectly with the perimayo sauce. The red sauce was pleasantly spicy. Definitely plan to come back and try more of the chicken!
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Amit Kapur
Yummy…Good Peri Peri flavors since last time we tried Nandos in Chandigarh Elante Mall. Some points for improvements – we asked them to offer a taste of the different sauces but the server gave us bowls without a spoon even to taste. Perhaps a small bowl of chips with the sample would be nice so we can decide what flavor we want on our food. Would be also good if they offer a choice of sauce bottles and not just Hot and white sauce. Would also be great to have outdoor seating, window seating and change the layout of the restaurant a little bit. Also did not notice any offers for selling the Sauce in bottles to take home, that would be a great idea.
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Spicy Mir
Terrible terrible terrible bought family plater and 2 extra rice with it with the total amount of 86 dollars.took food home when started to eat, food was no good you smell and taste old food hiding under all those spices.i had to leave my kids waiting for food again and went to return it and owner didn’t even come out I saw him in the back he send someone else and said nt like its normal for them to get complaints like this or may be behind all those spices people cant tell if its fresh or setting there for days. if u not willing to get food poison stay away from this location.
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Becky Garcia
My family and I have ordered out from this location many times. The chicken and yuca are really delicious. I have picked up the order every time with no issue, I enter the store, tell them my name, and they hand it over. Today a friend who is staying with us offered to go pick up our order. He is a Colombian immigrant and has somewhat limited English skills. I placed the order in his name, to make it easier. I figured he could just walk in, say his name, and they’d hand it over as they always do. Except upon his arrival they refused to give him the order without the confirmation text or email, which he didn’t have since I had placed the order myself for him to pick up. He had to call and wait for us to send over proof that he could pick up the order before they would give him the food. I find it disturbing that as a white English-speaking woman I’ve never been asked to show proof but a darker skinned man with an accent was. Not sure we’ll supporting this business any longer.
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Ameer Ahmed
Delicious chicken and sides along with amazing sauces. Be warned though, when they say hot, they mean it. I got the wings with the hot sauce , and it was up there for hottest sauce I’ve had (glad I didn’t go for the very hot). Do don’t try to be a hero. Stop at the mild. And don’t even try the very hot unless you want to be crying in pain. Overall though, a great experience!
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