Taco Bell

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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 7385 El Camino Real in Atascadero. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online or on the mobile app for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ Delivery Taco Bell 93422



Address and Contact Information

Address: 7385 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422

Phone: (805) 466-7647

Website: https://food.google.com/chooseprovider?restaurantId=/g/1tjjpph9&g2lbs=AL1YbfUa1EknRRd5wG1JmCvjvXGXd5jsus7LShH16UbBQ0sQ9oswh9u5Rhh-reag0eaMR6v713VskSbCAi85j6E5BLbakm9KkcVzA7d8ALuRNlDSRytYn7wC1Dpu_8iPQpPPNcLQ8Q_W&hl=en-US&gl=us&ssta=1&fo_m=MfohQo559jFvMWvkddHzV46uMT_RFPQ05bfKMQVr5-7IofUJMU_hT8vrWuwRMUv3d8yCO4PgMUOzJVpjPL1YMfZ3bInYwBDuMfaXTPp5KXh-&utm_source=search&gei=y8aFY7ucOZ6y2roPhLugoAk&ei=y8aFY7ucOZ6y2roPhLugoAk&fo_s=OA,AH,SOE

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Breanna Duncan
Taco Bell is taco bell , you like it or you don’t . This location always messes up our order thou and the workers are rude .
… more
Melissa Currie
Friendly service, fast food production, rarely a long waiting period… Ok prices. Not as expensive As McDonald’s these days but close runner up
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Savanna Nichols
I dont know who’s managing this place but… yikes food is either fresh and totally wrong or we get through the drive through in 2 seconds and get passed stale burritos.
… more
Corey Jacobson
I used the app to order ahead, they got my order out quick and it was accurate. Couldn’t ask for anything better!
… more
Bree Anderson
We just went to this location and ordered because their speaker is broken. Totally fine because someone was there to take the order. She was pleasant and write the order down right, but when we got home almost everything was wrong. There were sauce and onions on the burritos marked NO sauce or onions, I was given four tacos when I only ordered one, and my drink didn’t have the lid on correctly so I almost dropped my drink. I understand better drive times but this is NOT good customer service.
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