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Your local Groveport Subway® Restaurant, located at 6029 Groveport Rd brings new bold flavors along with old favorites to satisfied guests every day. We deliver these mouth-watering flavors with our famous Footlongs, 6” sandwiches, wraps and salads. And we offer a variety of ways to order—quick and easy in the app or online, convenient delivery, come into your neighborhood shop for an in-restaurant meal, or pick up curbside. We’re proud to offer a change from same old fast food with fresh cut veggies and toppings with protein choices, fresh-baked bread and let’s not forget cookies! And we’re happy to help you with any catering needs as well.

Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

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Wednesday8 AM–9 PM
Thursday8 AM–9 PM
Friday8 AM–9 PM
Saturday8 AM–9 PM
Sunday8 AM–9 PM
Monday8 AM–9 PM
Tuesday8 AM–9 PM

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Address: 6029 Groveport Rd Storeroom A, Groveport, OH 43125

Phone: (614) 836-5898


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J. Alexander
went to get a couple sandwiches for work and the door to get in was locked, but there were people inside. I called the location and the guy inside said that he was overwhelmed because of a party order. I went next door, but when I came back there was 2 other people who placed online orders waiting to get there food
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Kyna Delp
Fountain drink machine has mold all inside of it. Theyre always short staffed and you wait in line 20-30 minutes for 1 guy to make your sub. Went in today for lunch break (30 minutes) & waited in line 10 minutes for the guy to say hes leaving and closing the store. Wont be back to this location and expecting coorperate to contact me regarding my bad expiriences. My suggestion is to drive a little further to the alum creek location.
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Lacey Barnette
Ordered a tuna, turkey, and a blt sub. When I got home with my order the tuna sub was okay and so was the turkey. The blt sub had salami, and pepperoni on it no bacon. I took the sub back. When I arrived I was not greeted. After I told the employee what happen she took the next person in line before remaking my sub. I never once got an apology for the mess up.
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Pamela Allred
Typically, I have had decent experiences with the delivery but not today. I am hoping that the store sees this review and acts appropriately regarding the Door dash driver. I had missing items in my order, my chips and napkins. When I asked the driver, he was dismissive and said the store did not give them to him. Store manager said that driver is to look at receipt and pick them up. Driver was rude and told me to call the store and verify. The receipt clearly showed that I paid for them. The real disappointment is that I tipped $5. If Doordash does not credit, I will be calling my bank.
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Jason Chapman
Not the best Subway location in general. Many things that Subway sponsors are not sold here, and the food is mediocre. It is also expensive.
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Mariah Daniel
Went there for lunch got a 6in steak and cheese and got this… I asked why there was only a little bit of meat and they said that’s how they are serving it now and you would have to get double meat if you want more… I got more bread then meat and a 4in in stead of a 6..
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Angela DiTommaso
Had a pick up order and the staff told me they had no orders. I spoke with the cashier and she seemed upset I had an order online. I asked if they wanted the confirmation but she insisted they didn’t need it and they did not have my order. I politely walked out telling them Id call customer service to see what might have been the issue. A few minutes later I get a call that my order was being made, they found my ticket in the trash. I told them I wanted a refund, nicely, and the woman on the phone just didn’t care one bit. Unprofessional, and easily disgruntled. I worked in the food industry and not on my worst day would I make someone feel like an idiot. Just don’t go here.
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J Stevens
VERY SLOW! I don’t usually frequent this location (thank goodness) but I was the third person in line tonight and I waited 15 minutes to order. You would of thought they ordered a ton of subs, but each person ahead of me only ordered 2 subs! There was only 1 employee working and she definitely was in NO hurry! At this point, I’m not sure if the sub was good or I was just hangry. Going to try to bypass this Subway in the future.
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Martha Tangeman
Walked in ( only customer) 2 men behind counter, saw me did not acknowledged me, kept on doing their work, baking bread etc after a minute or 2 still nothing , I walked out…a simple “Hello ” be with you in a few, but nothing.
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Jeff Fletcher
Try eating with a rap and hip hop radio station playing. Annoying
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