Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

  3.4 – 943 reviews  $ • Chicken restaurant

Louisiana-inspired fast-food chain known for its spicy fried chicken, biscuits & sides.

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Address: 7 W Dundee Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Phone: (847) 398-7733

Website: https://www.popeyes.com/store-locator/store/restaurant_81749

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Adam Albrecht
I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich at 12pm on Tuesday 6/21/2022 and received a bag that smelled rancid.
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Lucy Villa
So today I decided to go back to this location. Terrible mistake. I ordered a surf n turf through the app and again for pickup. I figured since my last encounter, the dining area might have reopened. Nope. I noticed that my ApplePay stated there was an error with payment and the order wasn’t properly placed through the app. I decided not to wait in line and since “an error with your payment” popped up, I left. A couple hours later, I noticed an email for my order, stating my ApplePay went through and basically placed my order and never picked it up. So I went to pick it up. When I got to the speaker, I explained to the manager my situation, gave my name, order, order number, time placed, etc. He paused for a short time then said he didn’t have anything in the system, so he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Told him I had a receipt and pulled up to the window. The staff seemed jaded over how busy they were and I waited to see what the manager said. He came by, asked for my name and I showed him the receipt. He went back for several minutes then came back with my food. He seemed quite irritated with the fact that he had to even put my order together. No bother for apologizing, no thank you’s, no nothing. Typical service expected from this location and their staff, sadly. Once I opened the box, the food quality, again, didn’t surprise me. He gave me old, small chicken pieces, 4 old shrimp and an overbaked biscuit. Different recipe for cajun rice? It tasted different from before they got rid of it. Once again, this place has really gone down hill with food and service. Save yourself the trip and money and avoid this location, if possible.
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Vessto Group
I don’t understand people who gave only one star.
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Blanca Correa-Gutiérrez
Placed an online order directly on the Popeyes website at 3:45pm. Placed the order and was notified that the order would be ready for pickup on the dining room counter at 4:03pm. Headed out and arrived at 4:07pm only to be ignored by a young man filling the boxes with chicken. No one appeared to be assigned to the register, as I was never greeted. The drive thru guy stepped away from the window and stated that they were only doing drive thru orders. I mentioned that I had a pick up order that was placed online, but was directed to the drive thru anyway. I was trying to avoid waiting, which is why I placed the order online. Instead, I waited in a line of at least 8 cars for a prepaid order. If I hadn’t already paid for my order, I would’ve gone somewhere else. If placing orders online isn’t an option, then it should be removed from the website and if dining room orders aren’t an option, then perhaps the doors should remain locked. SMH.
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ali schnitzler
Worst Popeyes ever.
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Evee La Fleur
Went through the drive thru and took 20 minutes to not get what I ordered. They did not give the 2nd spicy chicken sandwich and then proceeded to not answer the phone when I CALLED OVER 10 TIMES!! Absolutely trash customer service. DO NOT GO HERE!!! Take note their receipt says the only way to tell them how your service was is to call the phone number they do not answer.
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Josh Stoken
Usually have had great experiences with this location but recently I ordered some tenders and they were very dry and tasted over cooked, fries were over cooked. I just ordered a plain chicken sandwich combo and the sandwich came with the spicy Mayo and the bun was stale. Seems like corporate really needs to help this location out
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Alistair Dsouza
Something definitely wrong with this branch lately. Used to be excellent, but over the past few months, they’ve been closing earlier than they were supposed to. Twice I’ve ordered online and driven there only to find the place closed/no chicken left. Hope they shape up soon.
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Carlos Saez
I give it one star only because my message won’t post. If not it would get zero. Worst customer service i ever had at any restaurant i have ever been too. Manager had an attitude and refused to give me a 4 piece with all thighs. Location is dirty and old. Definitely not the restaurant that its website picture shows. Building and employee attitudes need to be bulldozed and started anew.
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Lucy Villa
A couple months ago, I went in for a 3 piece spicy tender meal that I ordered through their app. I had placed it as a pickup order only to get there and notice that they have been not using their dining area and keeping it closed to their customers. Went through the drive thru to pick up instead and had to go back around because they forgot my bbq sauce. That’s when I looked at my tenders and noticed their terrible smell and appearance. When speaking to one of their employees, he stated that a part for their fryer was in back order and haven’t been able to clean it therefore unable to filter the oil properly and allowing old oil to be used instead of clean oil. He said despite food coming out overcooked and gross, they were directed to stay open, obviously without letting customers know about their food quality. Clearly making their profit regardless of service and quality was their objective. He redirected me to their corp number where I let them know about the situation and they just ended up issuing a credit through my app. Avoided this location until today.
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