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Find your nearby Pizza Hut® at 10050 W Bell Rd. in Sun City, AZ. You can try, but you can’t OutPizza the Hut. We’re serving up classics like Meat Lovers® and Original Stuffed Crust® as well as signature wings, pastas and desserts at many of our locations. Order online or on the mobile app for carryout, curbside or delivery.

Family-friendly chain known for its made-to-order pizzas.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery ✔️ No dine-in Pizza Hut 85351



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Address: 10050 W Bell Rd #22, Sun City, AZ 85351

Phone: (623) 875-8776


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Diane Cromwell
Food was just as ordered, very satisfying and they did not skimp on the ingredients. The order delivery was so fast it was unexpected. We have not ordered from Pizza Hut in years but we will definitely be ordering again soon. The new Pizza Hut melts were delicious! Breadsticks are always a winner.
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Harvey Chrisley
I ordered a pizza online to be delivered in 30 to 40 minutes. When it didn’t show up on time I tried calling the store, no one ever answered. I tried calling the corporate helpline, but they just kept trying to transfer me to the store and again, the store wasn’t answering their phone. After an hour and a half with no pizza I drove to the store and discovered the reason the store was not answering the phone and wen why my pizza was so late. There was only one employee in the store. This poor young guy was trying to handle the front counter, cook the pizza, and take payments. There was about a dozen people standing around waiting for their orders and being very patience. It was obvious the employee could not move any faster, he was literally running between the front counter, and the ovens in the back, all while keeping a pleasant attitude. I originally came to the store to complain but after seeing his situation, and how hard he was working, I didn’t have the heart to say anything. When I spoke to him, he said several people had called in sick and even his manager had not shown up. It was just him and one delivery driver. I have nothing but admiration for these young men.
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Karla Hilst
Great tasting pizza, always ready on time, hot and made to order. I’ve never had a problem with Pizza Hut. The online ordering is fast and easy. They are always reliable, with kind and courteous staff. Pizza Hut is my go-to place for carry out pizza.
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Karen Martin
My food was placed in the oven while I was ordering it. It arrived very quickly, my pizza was hot and the ingredients were fresh. I really enjoyed my food. Thank you.
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Theresa Escott
Cold pizza looked like mud, way to much sprinkled spice on top of pizza . Wish I had not paid for extra cheese as there was not that much. It was not eatable, very bad tasting, had to throw it away.
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Richard Hoffman
I don’t eat Pizza Hut pizza I have another place to go to. However I was at the fresh day old bread place next door and I give them a four star.
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Karen Jenkins
This order was a nightmare and will be the LAST time I order from this Pizza Hut (and perhaps the last time altogether). The delivery driver was rude. He forgot our Pepsi. I live .5 miles from the store and I had this happen once before. However, the driver went immediately back to the store and returned in less than 10 mins with our Pepsi. This driver refused to do that. He said he could have it to us in about 30 mins. I said that was unacceptable, as our pizza would be cold by the time we got our drinks. He got nasty and said he had two more deliveries to make and they were extremely busy and he wasn’t even supposed to be there that night. I told him I didn’t care and handed him back the pizza. I said to refund my money and to leave my property. He continued making excuses and arguing with me and I again told him to leave my property. He continued arguing with me and I finally yelled him to leave. Any business that would employ someone that unprofessional does not deserve my patronage. So I called the manager, Seth, and informed him and directed him to refund my money. He said he would do so and that he would speak to the driver and apologized for the occurrence. Overall, this incident was totally unacceptable. We have patronized this particular pizza hut since 2013 when we moved here and we buy pizza at least twice a month from them. No more.
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Pam Kilian
How wonderful to have a great HOT pizza delivered to the house. My husband and I would indulge about every 2 months. But since he passed I felt it was just too much. But I ordered our favorite. And it was so hot, absolutely fantastic it cheered me up, of course I will be eating leftover pizza the rest of the week, but no cooking, just heat it up in the microwave!
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L McMillan
In spite of the order taker acting like I just made up something when I requested sweet pizza sauce on the pizza, I was pleased with the pizza, speed of service, and the fact that this time they had plates and napkins. I think it’s horrendous that they said that all the marinara sauce is already dipped put and In those teeny tiny plastic bowls for close to a dollar upcharge.
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Lorieann and Alan
That was the worst pizza Hut pizza! It used to be good! The crust was raw and box like tasting. Disappointed
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