Peking House

  3.8 – 69 reviews  $$ • Chinese restaurant

Simple option offering a classic Chinese menu with a few Sichuan & Hunan dishes.

Service Options:  Dine-in · Takeout · Delivery



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Address: 3321 Sunset Ave, Ocean Township, NJ 07712

Phone: (732) 988-8868


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Peking House menu – Ocean NJ 07712 – (877) 585-1085

Peking House · 18. Chicken Fingers $4.99 · 19. French Fries $1.75+ · Vegetable Roll $1.25 · Egg Roll (Pork) $1.40 · Chicken Fingers $4.99 · Bar-B-Que Spare Ribs $6.59.

Reviews & Complaints

Nyiola Lewis
Very rude staff! Stole my money off Uber eats claiming that they never received an order yet they took my money out my account, tried to explain to the rude woman off the phone and she proceeded to yell and tell me I had to pay AGAIN for food I never received then hangs up in my face. Maybe they should fix their end before they decide to be money hungry and rude.
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ASH27 Slick
The food is average at best. Keep it simple and order the basic things like shrimp fried rice, lo mein, but stay away from the specials. Anything that requires a chef’s touch like the shrimp with the lobster sauce or the cantonese specials (which I’ve tried a number of times), was very bland, dry, and absolutely tasteless. However the lady at the front counter is always polite.
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Jennifer Mcdowell
I finally found the best Chinese food I have had in this area since I moved here in May. They don’t offer delivery even though their website says they do. I ordered through Grubhub which is good but prices are very different then their website. Would have been 5 stars but they didn’t include any sauces (Soy, duck sauce, hot sauce, mustard, fortune cookies…) nothing! If you order make sure you specify everything. I got the Mongolian Beef which was awesome! Beef was tasty and tender, not tough at all. I was very impressed. Also got the boneless ribs which were also equally awesome. Boneless ribs is always a crapshoot but so good! (Had a nice char if you like that like I do) Note to management: Don’t skimp on the condiments, just makes you look cheap!
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Jon Bierwirth
This used to be my favorite chinese spot to eat at years ago. They had the best chinese food hands down in the area but Im not sure what has changed. The last 2 times Ive ordered here the food was not that great. Its a shame
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Alexander Diamond
Ordered spring rolls, vegetable dumplings, vegetable fried rice, and vegetable lo mein. The lo mein was mediocre. The spring rolls were bland, but still edible. The dumplings and the fried rice were absolutely disgusting. I couldn’t bring myself to eat them after one taste. Absolutely would not recommend ordering from this restaurant, I certainly won’t again.
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Eric Capponi
Ok, so I understand this is during the covid-19 lockdown and we all have to make concessions, but…First off I called in an order and they told me 30 minutes, no problem, but it turned out to be over 1 hour. Does it usually take this long? There were 5 or 6 other people waiting outside for orders, is this a heavy load for them? Next, the prices were higher than what was posted online by about 25%. Next, I had ordered two combos that according to their menus came with egg rolls, which they didn’t. When I asked them about it they told me they do not do that any more and they have not been able to update their menu yet. Finally, the spicy dishes were not spicy and everything just tasted like salt. Not a worthwhile experience.
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Fred Kurzweil
It is unfortunate but this place has gone downhill. It used to be very good. But I have to give it just an average rating at this point. For the money I paid, I did not get what I paid for. We ordered chicken with cashew nuts with extra cashews. First of all there was hardly any chicken in there it was all vegetables. Second of all there was no extra cashews even though I was charged for it. This is not the first time that it has happened at this place. I’m not so sure that I’m going to be going back.
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Rose Ford
To start, the woman who answered the phone and took my order wasn’t polite and seemed almost irritated on the phone. I placed my order and specifically said NO mushrooms in anything please. She acknowledged, but the chicken and cashews had mushrooms! I also ordered szechuan chicken, was mediocre at best AND wasn’t even spicy at all. And to make the whole experience just a bit worse, there was a long hair in the vegetable lo mein. So all in all over an hour wait for delivery, messed up an order, a hair, and terrible food.
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Kara Bowers
Even though I’ve moved out of the area, I’ll still make the commute to get take out from here. Such nice people and quality food.
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Kharee Lane
Hands down the best spot on the shore. I always tip when they deliver but if there’s a time I don’t the driver always asks, “no tip”? I’m sorry but you shouldn’t ask for a tip. That’s something given to you for good service send if the person has it.
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