Noodles and Company

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Counter-serve chain offering international noodle & pasta dishes from mac ‘n’ cheese to Pad Thai.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Noodles and Company 20110



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Address: 9646 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: (703) 393-9998


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Nikk McAndrews
Loved the spaghetti and meatballs! Meal was nice and hot when it arrived, and the silverware was sturdy enough to hold up to the task! This restaurant has my full support, with the food hitting all the right notes!
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Tseng Akera
Most expensive flavorless noodle I’ve ever had. Husband would agree as he got not even a quarter of the way through his before tossing it. I got the mac and cheese with parmesan encrusted chicken. I had no idea what the hell that chicken was coated in but.. it wasn’t what it claimed to be. The mac and cheese pretty much just tasted like noodle.. there was no cheese flavor at all.
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Taylor D
food is good. employees are so rude for no reason. first i was peeing and someone tried to open the door (never knocked) and then about 30s later tried again and then unlocks it with his keys??? like it’s locked obviously so maybe knock??? and then while my sister was waiting for me she’s sitting at a table and the employees are staring and whispering. this guy rudely asks “do u need anything?” this was today like a few minutes ago and it says the order was packaged by kate. so thanks i guess..
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Tolliver Pizano
The place is also very affordable, and the noodles and other items on the menu were all delicious.
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Melessa King
The food was amazing. I gave it 4 stars because the staff wasn’t all that friendly.
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Deborah Nicholas
Noodles is the absolute best. Everyone in my household loves Noodles and we eat here/order out once a week. The only complaint that I have is they seemed to have switched delivery services from Door Dash to Uber Eats and we have seen a decrease in service. I hope that this is just because they are working out the kinks in the transition but only time will tell. Other than that, they rock.
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Scott White
Update to below I followed their instructions and replied online to the link that they sent me and still haven’t heard anything. Not great customer service in my opinion
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Meca Johnson
Customer services is always 100% the most important & then the tasty meal 🙂 thank you!!
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Kang Cloninger
The noodles was fantastic. The staff is super friendly and the place is beautiful
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Kate Ronan
I love noodles & company, it might be a little on the higher end, but the price is comparable to other establishments on their level. They have Italian and macaroni and cheese and buttered noodles and pad Thai and so much more. I have never been disappointed here. If you like a little bit of everything you should try noodles & company!
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