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Kachis Chicken – Famous Peruvian Chicken is located just outside the main gate of AFB Andrews. Kachis marinated its chicken with secret Peruvian spices in a rotisserie oven. Kachis Chicken is more than Peruvian chicken. Are you looking for lamb chops or grilled Salmon? Lamb chops is our number 1 selling dish. Customers love our lamb chops.

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(Labor Day)
10 AM–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10 AM–10 PM
Wednesday10 AM–10 PM
Thursday10 AM–10 PM
Friday10 AM–10 PM
Saturday10 AM–10 PM
Sunday10:30 AM–9:30 PM

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Address: 4921 Allentown Rd, Camp Springs, MD 20746

Phone: (240) 532-7750




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4921 ALLENTOWN ROAD CAMP SPRINGS, MD 207463934 · (240) 532-7750 · 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM · 90% of 21 customers recommended.

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Really glad this place was open late, we were traveling from out of town and really needed a decent meal but basically everything we could find was fried. Sometimes that’s great but not at all what we needed and it almost made us get snacks at a gas station or just go to bed without eating. Found Kachis, had a good rating, liked the photos, and so glad we checked it out. Delicious food, friendly staff.
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The food is good. If you’re looking to just pick up something really quick, this is the spot. The chicken bowls are really good & so are the lamb chops & cilantro rice. Everything is good to me
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Kimberly Guler
Heard about this place from a friend. She didn’t steer me wrong! The chicken was very delicious, but the sides were so awesome that they quickly became my favorite. I ate the chicken as a side dish to them. I had the rice and green beans. THANK YOU for not using pork to season everything; I don’t eat pork. I ordered flan too, but unfortunately, it was horrible. It was burnt on the bottom. Flan needs a creamy texture. Overcooked flan does NOT have that. Plus, burnt is gross. Ugh! I’d return, but I’d never get dessert there again.
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Food was terrible! The chicken taste bad it has a smell and even the color is off. It taste as if it was days old. Their Yucca as well the only thing we were able to eat was the fries bc the rest was disgusting. I’ve eaten at the other at the other location before and it was good but this location was terrible.
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Chauncia J
The young lady helping me was very nice and greeted me with a smile. She was very patient while taking my order. The waiting wasn’t too long. My family loves the Salmon and I got chicken…I asked for breast n wing and received a quarter leg n thigh. This makes twice this has happened to me in the last week. I can’t stand dark meat..but guess who ate it , because I didn’t feel like driving back to the restaurant…smh but, the food is really good.
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Cool Dude
Food is very good and good portion size. Cake is good too.
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Anna Correa
So freaking good! Rancho salad and the shrimp burrito. Go and get some sauces so good
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William “Ted” Plaza
Large seating area and generally clean restaurant throughout the building. Chicken a tad salty but tender; the greens and rice with black beans was tasty. The green hot sauce had a good spicy flavor.
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Jordan Kydd
This location is on point and I love the food every time. The staff is kind and efficient. They do an excellent job at packaging their food to go and their online orders are quickly processed. Clean and spacious inside with clear indicators for online pick-up counter. Tacos are great! Saltado is great! Whole chickens are great!
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Hubert Hawkins
I ate at Kachis at lunch with my co-worker. I got the chicken soup, and I must admit the soup was good. The food is ok, i haven’t had anything else, but my colleague seemed to enjoy his meal. The lines can get long, but they get you through pretty reasonably. There are no waiters or waitresses, so you seat yourselfand if you need anything, you’re going to have to wait in line or break in line to get your request through. I gave it a three star, not the best but not the worst either.
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