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Hungry and craving a tasty, breakfast or burger place near you? From fluffy Made From Scratch™ Biscuits to crispy bacon on our classic breakfast platter, to charbroiled burgers like the Third Pound Original Angus Burger that you can’t get anywhere else…Hardee’s® serves food just the way you like it. Trust us, you’ve never had breakfast (or lunch) like this before. Visit your local Hardee’s® at 1300 S Jefferson for charbroiled 100% Angus burgers, breakfast, Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwiches and Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes™. Feed Your Happy at Hardee’s®.

Fast-food chain serving fried chicken, big burgers & made-from-scratch breakfast biscuits.

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Address: 1300 S Jefferson Ave, Lebanon, MO 65536

Phone: (417) 588-9707

Website: https://locations.hardees.com/mo/lebanon/1300-s-jefferson?utm_source=yext&utm_medium=gmb-button&utm_campaign=search&utm_content=website&y_source=1_MTIzODk2ODItNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

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Ashley Inman
My husband chose this place today to eat. We literally were there for a little over 30 minutes sitting in the drive through. It was my first time at that location, never will I EVER go back here! When we first ordered, there was 2 cars in front of us, waited almost 15 minutes until we got to the window and paid. Then it took almost 20 minutes, sitting at the window to get his food. He didn’t even order a whole meal! Just a cheeseburger! When we left, there were 5 cars behind us. Worst experience ever. Definitely would not recommend this establishment until they get it together. My husband said it’s almost always like this. Also would like to add, they charged us $7.68 just for that cheeseburger. It said on the menu, for just that would be a little less than $5. For taking that long, the meat was still pink in the middle. It was like they just made sure it looked cooked on the outside, and middle was still grossly red/pink…
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Carolyn Morse
Go in an order a cheese burger with no pickles, gets loaded with pickles. Order other food and the monster roast beef if the same size and the others. And the food was definitely not worth the money. None is in the store, workers were all in the bathroom. They ALL looked to be stoned. Will not go there again.
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Denver Miller
Cold food, cold fries, order not made right(food allergy issue completely ignored), bad attitude in general. Not the first, second, or third time this has happened, but it’s going to be the last time for me. The Hardee’s at the Loves in Strafford is stellar compared to this one. The other fast food places at this exit are stellar by comparison. If you need a colon cleansing, give it a shot.
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Tammy SIcard
Food was cold then I got this slime hamburger they called mushrooms burger it looked like snot. I wouldn’t feed it to pigs the so called manger came out put her hands on the other burger and I asked for two new meals got eye rolls from everyone of all of the dumb teenager working not worth any stars
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Selina Jones
Always have a good experience here . And in my opinion the best and largest burgers out of all the fast food restaurants in Lebanon!
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Andrea Shifflet
Would put a big fat 0 if I could. Worked a 22 hour day in Columbia, MO. Got dropped off here to get something to eat while we waited for our ride. Let our carpooling coworkers go home. Then we find out that the lobby was closed. In the 10 minutes we were there, the manager comes put and tells us to get off the property. I explained that we were waiting for our ride. He didn’t listen to a word I will NEVER go there again! Rude!
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Midnight Wildspirit
Very Slow at Their job, was better before the whole virus. quality has gone down, not worth getting anything from Here & for some reason the outside area smells like urine.
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Marty Sites
Worst food I have ever eaten! Will never ever go there again! Kid that waited on us looked messed up and dirty l! Food was cold and we were the only ones inside and 1 car in drive threw.plus they screwed up our order! Used to love Hardee’s but not no more!
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Linda Dudley
The service was good, but they’ve changed something with the chicken on the chicken club. The flavor is different and it’s a bit rubbery (enough that it’s hard to bite off a piece). I had one several months ago and hoped it was just a fluke, but this one was just as bad.
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Mina Casey
It sucked tables where completely dirty they was out of dang near everything they messed up in our order it was aweful.
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