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Family destination for arcade games, bumper cars & more, plus all-you-can-eat comfort grub buffet.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No delivery GattiTown 78748



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Address: 9900 I-35, Austin, TX 78748

Phone: (512) 301-7777


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Atis Tello
The young people working there are working good but I don’t understand we’re the money went because we went after COVID and they are still using the paper towels for for cleaning windows they don’t make enough money to buy napkins? And to make it worse the floor is extremely sticky and dirty.
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We got there at 7 pm. The girl informed us they would be closing at 8 pm. For our family, we paid about 90.00. (6 of us)
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It was ok. Buffet was kept clean and neat. Just pizza and pasta and decent salad bar. Thought it was weird to have green beans and corn with pizza, but they were hot.
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amy roland
Decided to take my kiddos to eat and play. At arrival my husband decided to join us, he had already eaten but wanted to help me with the 3 kids. He was told he would need to purchase a buffet even though he was not eating or drinking anything. No problem, we did so without hesitation. We entered the only dining room that was open and it was pretty gross. The floors were nasty the tables were gross but we managed. Once we began to make our plates the pizza and other food items us clearly been sitting for a while. I was not feeding my little one the Mac and cheese that had been sitting in the warmer for quite some time, it was all 1 large hrs clump. The pizza selection was horrible and each pan had 2-4 slices of pizza that had been picked over. The salad bar was swarming with gnats. My husband who decided to get lemonade since he payed for a buffet and didn’t eat was extremly upset when after arriving to the table there was a gnat floating in his drink. At this point I was over it and decided to let the kids just use the game cards. Most of the games were not working, the lady at the game station apparently hated her job, the games were sticky and overall this was just a horrible decision and Experience.
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Dun “Dun Best” Beaty
Lunch experience was very nice! Not to busy and great value since kids eat FREE! Plenty of parking space and easy to access location. Not the biggest selection of food however the salad bar was awesome and fresh! Plenty of space inside and a large area of games for the kids!
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Frank Marciel
Maybe they were short staff but the buffet could not get pizzas out fast enough. It got to the point where pepperoni or cheese was like the only option. Tables sort of stayed dirty for awhile and then when got a table the lady just took the plates off and didn’t even wipe it down. We had to ask. No napkins cause they weren’t refilled. Also, I don’t like that you buy the buffet and then drinks separately; it’s almost as if they don’t make enough off the game cards.
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Jose Twin
I liked the Spaghetti. Expect crowds on weekends. Why the third dining area was closed is beyond me. Staff probably didn’t want it to get dirty. Staffing issues?
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Joel Chapa
This is a fun place to take the little ones. There are tons of games, pizza and a decent salad bar.
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E Hole
The pizza is good. If they can keep up in the kitchen. Which must have been truly tough today with the FOURTEEN school busses outside. The salad bar, which is usually decent looked like a food fight had broken out. I still have no idea what green vegetable had found it’s way into the pudding. They were clearly over capacity today.
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veronica ibanez
For starters I loooove gatti’s pizza!! It was very sad the day we went with our party of 7. We’re very patient and I know everyone suffering with staffing, BUUUT … There was no tables open not because it was full but because the tables weren’t clean. 4mins waiting to see a worker, we asked the gentleman of he could clear off the table for us, he said yes… 6mins later he came out of the room I assume is where they take the dishes… With a bucket… We ended up stacking all the plates and cups for him and put it on the table beside us (that wasn’t clean either) we then said can we just have a rag to wipe the table down. He went back and got the small bucket with water and the rag in it. Left the table soaking wet, we had to go find napkins just to dry the table. Then all the food was definitely sitting there for a while… When the new pizzas came out they we burnt… It was definitely not a pleasant day, and we usually come here for the Buffett, but at that point felt we should have just ordered from the riverside location and just had it all fresh. Then we get to the arcade part.. felt like the heater was on in there. Everyone around us back there was stating it was hot too. Then when we went to redeem a gift for the kids there was nobody there for 8mins. Then a girl came in there with her finger in her mouth then grabbed my child’s gatti card and scanned it… I’m sorry buuut COVID or NOT that’s just disgusting and definitely not sanitary!.. Sad to say but this experience was very sad and disappointing.
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