Frisch’s Big Boy

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Hometown restaurant favorite with casual dine-in, carry out and drive-thru service. Fresh, cooked-to-order menu includes the famous Big Boy Sandwich, hand-breaded onion rings, family dinners, extensive breakfast bar, homemade soups, desserts and breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day. Delicious fresh options prepared in the Frisch’s kitchen – soups, pies and cakes.

Chain restaurant offering burgers & other American standards, plus drive-thru service.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ Delivery Frisch's Big Boy 45013



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Address: 1255 Main St, Hamilton, OH 45013

Phone: (513) 863-6075


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Welcome to Frisch’s Big Boy. Fresh ingredients, custom-crafted spice blends, scratch-made bread and pies, onions sliced daily for our onion rings.

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Jonathon N.
Over the years the quality of this restaurant has fluctuated. The last few times I’ve visited there weren’t any issues. I usually order a big boy with onion rings. Always topping it off with a diet vanilla coke. I used to love getting the breakfast bar although I haven’t heard anything about that recently. The pumpkin pie is wonderful too.
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Board Gaming For The Win
I haven’t been to this location for about 10 years. Since I live in Florida now it felt good to eat something I’ve been craving for a while.
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Syrina Pennington
Majority of the breakfast bar was good. Slacked on fresh pancakes and French toast which is a big reason we go. Had to ask for them, seemed odd that they weren’t checking those they were literally rocks. Wasn’t a deal breaker they made fresh ones. Place was clean, plenty of workers, all were friendly. The milkshake was a small 16 oz for 6$ that was steep for me but it was for my teen so I let it be. We would go back.
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Bill Houser
All the waitress are very friendly and I joke around with a few of them sometimes. Valery the manager there is very nice my family and I really got to know her well, we talk about her sometimes . There is another person I would like to acknowledge and his name is Mike the bus man there, very, very nice man and he does one hell of a job busing tables, and there has been times where he was the only one busing for his age he is a real go getter. My family and I talk to him alot he is very friendly and he always acknowledges us when he sees us. He is very funny as well and we kid around together. We all love Mike, he should definitely get a pay raise in my opinion, he works harder than alot of others I’ve seen do what he does. He cares about us and we care about him as well ❤️‍ !!
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Chris Dennison
Ask for Myah who was our server tonight and was simply exceptional. We haven’t had a five star level of service in over two years at any restaurant. Myah is one of those rare waitresses who anticipates and is smart about checking on table at a time that doesn’t interfere with dialogue. If I could give 10 stars I would; thanks Myah for superb service while on our vacation.
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Josh Lequire
Very clean and well managed restaurant. Great service and everyone was so friendly and polite. Definitely will be back.
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Enyap Rolyat
I come to Frisch’s every sunday and we usually have the same server. Krista is very kind and always full of hospitality.
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MaTika Georgia
Lea H thank you for your amazing service.! You absolutely made my day start off great! Thank you for your early morning smile
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Ian Retherford
Leah is an awesome server she’s a joy, hard worker, always has a smile on her face we look forward to seeing her every Sunday
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Lorretta Kendrick
We have not been to Frisch’s since covid. However it’s fresh as if you haven’t been here you know what you get. My kids call it old people food. Sorry no discrimination intended, it’s just not a gourmet meal you’re getting, it’s basically anything you can make at home.
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