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Long-running chain serving signature breakfast items & a variety of coffee drinks.

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Address: 2605 Valley Ave, Winchester, VA 22601

Phone: (540) 662-0738

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/va/winchester/2605-valley-ave/330182?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=330182&y_source=1_MTIxMDc2OTUtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

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Kileigh Barclift
I’ve been to better Dunkin’s. I pulled up to the drive thru, waited about 5 or so minutes before saying “hello?” into the speaker because no one had said anything when I pulled up. No one was in front of me either. My order was super easy, just a caramel iced latte and a blueberry muffin. After being told to pull forward, I waited about another 5 minutes again for someone to take my money, then another 5 minutes for them to hand me the wrong order. I got handed a sweet tea and a donut. I politely told them that this wasn’t my order and got an attitude immediately. Not sure where the order came from, since there was no one in line but me, but it was definitely not mine. I couldn’t tell you how long I sat there before I got the right order handed to me. long enough for 3 more people to pull in behind me.
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A_A_ron Autry
It was ok. The lady working there is the whole store pretty much. She does everything. She’s why I’m giving 5 ⭐ and not the food. Hell my Boston “cream” donut was a chocolate glazed regular donut with no hole cuz there was no cream. I had 3 choices to pick from at 2:00 on a Friday afternoon. Really? Coffee was great. So were the donuts that were available. Maybe I can try again tomorrow and see if I can try 3 more.
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Michelle A.
What happened to above and beyond customer service? I go to this location on a regular and I swear its a daunting task just to ask for sugar. We are all human but its not fair to be impatient and unfriendly because you have troubles, everyone has troubles. Be grateful you have a job making $15hr or more. People get complacent because there’s no management or poor management.
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Grant Lawson
Attached to a gas station, which I wish was denoted in Google Maps, but it had a drive-thru and employees were great!
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Nathalie Perlalazo
Forgot my wallet with my husband and i had two gift card but still had a remaining balance cashier told me it was okay and i didn’t have to pay. I went and grabbed my wallet and came back and paid but it was such an amazing experience and it shows that there is still kind people in the world.
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Kathleen Roberts
Love Dunkin- however MASKS seem optional when it’s not an option. Don’t frequent as much because of this. Tiny area shared with shell gas station. Nice people who work there- they get it
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Robert Russell
I have yet to get my coffee order right from them, I like their coffee but I like my coffee slightly sweet with artificial sweeteners because I’m diabetic oh, they seem to forget the sweetener for the past six times I’ve been there they’ve only had the sweetener in it one time.
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Stephanie Dorsey
Only reason for a 2 is because thE lady was very nice, but placed my order at the speaker and then sat at the window for 10 mins before anyone even came to the window. Leave, get my food out while at the stop light and my bacon was all floppy & fatty there was no crisp to it at all I couldn’t eat it and the bagel minis, the cream cheese was still half frozen in the middle. And this is after waiting 10 mins for my food. Went inside to ask them to remake it and waited another 10 mins … for a side of bacon and an order of bagel minis! I don’t understand!
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Cosmic Reign
If you are in a rush and want to grab some coffee, this Dunkin is the best. The drive through only takes about 5-6 minutes is you are 8 cars back in the line. The orders are always correct, coffee perfectly mixed, and excellent service. I believe the speed of the drive through speaks for itself.
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Beth Brown
I usually go to the one on Millwood and regret not doing so this am. Ordered sandwiches that tasted like chemicals, Ordered an iced drink with 3 shots (paid for the 2 extra shots) that could not possibly have had them cause it tasted like milk and was no darker than an order with a single shot. plus watched the drive through lady feed a dog in a car with her bare hand then without pause (or time for washing) proceeded to assist following window customers. Wouldn’t recommend at this time
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