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This Virginia Beach Domino’s has a wide food selection including pizza, chicken, salads, pasta and more for delivery, carryout or curbside pickup with Domino’s Carside Delivery. Browse our menu, find local coupons or check the status of your lunch, dinner or late night order.

Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery ✔️ No dine-in Domino's Pizza 23456



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Address: 1169 Nimmo Pkwy Ste 244, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Phone: (757) 970-0690


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Joshua Martin
Alright pizza review time. One night everyone knows the rules
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Lionel Wesley
The prices are great. The pizza is good. Every time I’ve gone in to pick up my pizza I’ve been met with a smile. Great store at Nimmo.
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Deepthi Warrier
Great service and very good food. The bread was very light and fluffy. We had also asked for light on garlic and cheese & they cross checked with us to make sure we are happy with how much they put. Very friendly staff.
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Rouxle Wolmarans
Always fresh. Always on time. Friendly and reliable drivers.
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Marina Birch
I feel for the young lady who is working in your store tonight all by herself, tears in her eyes, a screen full of orders, phone ringing off the hook, BUT SHE IS DOING AMAZING!!!! I work in hospitality and I know we are all shorthanded. She was making pizzas answering the phones running them out to the curb service and everything all on her own!!!! Someone give her a raise!!!
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Paul H.
Love the pizza, the website/ordering process not so much. The order wouldn’t go through until after I pulled into the shopping center! This is a routine event for Domino’s, in my experience (it’s happened a few times, to me, ordering from my iPhone)! One time the website wouldn’t allow me to order anything larger than a medium!
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Bob Stallings
My order was placed with Dominos at 5:15pm. Delivery was to be within 30-35 minutes. My order was shown as being prepared for more than 30 minutes and was shown as coming out of the oven at 5:58pm. Quality check was started and never went to delivery. I called the store at 6:25pm and received an automated response that said my order came out of the oven at 5:58pm. I let the phone ring about 40 times and it was never answered. I received a text about 6:30 that said the driver was on the way. My order arrived about five minutes later. The driver was very nice and apologetic. the food was not hot, but was still somewhat warm. The food was actually very good although the pizza had not been pre-sliced and it was cold by the time we finished the first piece. I think an hour and 20 minutes and the food sitting at the store for 32 minutes after it was ready is not acceptable. Once again, the driver could not have been any nicer than he was, it wasn’t his fault that the food was not hot and fresh. I cant leave a claim with Dominos because they still have it as not delivered which prevents me from filing a claim about my food. I think this is because they knew they had done wrong and I believe this is dishonest.
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Hopefully they can get their act together but I can’t return to this location until I hear that they have. Over 30 minutes after the order should have been ready and that was for in store pickup. This was supposed to be extra cheese but it was almost bare.
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Kelly Murphy
It took over an hour to receive 1 pizza. Called to talk to a manager and nothing was done to make the customer happy. Terrible customer service. Don’t order from this location if you want good service.
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Kassandra Martinez
Just your average pizza but they always seem to forget my sauces.
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