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As locally owned and operated restaurants, Culver’s has earned its reputation for deliciousness by serving the freshest ingredients to guests, with unmatched hometown hospitality. Fresh, never frozen burgers are always cooked to order, and premium, better-than-ice-cream, fresh frozen custard is made in small batches throughout the day, every day. Welcome to delicious!

Fast-food chain specializing in frozen custard & signature burgers made with Midwest beef & dairy.

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Address: 13649 W Colonial Dr, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Phone: (407) 347-5261


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David Virola
Great location and staff. They’re attentive and I feel like they get it here. Food is good, fast, efficient even during the rush times. Came here after getting HORRIBLE service at another fast food establishment and immediately saw a huge difference in how Culver’s does things. Highly recommend and will always be top of list for our take-out options. Thank you Culver’s
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Heidi Nichols
Had a great meal there. The staff was helpful and gave outstanding service. Helped with the trays and open the door also gave my friend a free ice cream for her 55 Birthday.Will definitely visit the location again.
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Richard Boassi
Best Fast Food Burguer ever !!! Nice place, friendly staff!
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Kendall Hawkins
Excellent burgers and excellent service! The owner cares deeply about people and takes care to ensure his customers have great quality food and service. I will be back!
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Chris Powers
I have been looking for a fast food retreat from the ho-hum common variety burger place. Our 1st time here at Culver’s and I must say it was a win! Counter service was excellent. Fresh coffee made just for us with a pleasing attitude. I love that we can get seated and have our food brought out to our table.
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So Culver’s has went now and their customer service. Almost every time I come in there my order is messed up, and I am not happy about it. So before I order my food, I am make sure to tell the server’s exactly what I want on the food. Because I’ve came home and my order has been messed up and then I’m at work and then I have to call almost every time. The owner used to be more negotiating, but he is now defending the terrible customer service. But yet I’m portrayed as a villain because I want to make sure my food is correct. They hire inexperienced workers. They don’t really listen to you when you’re trying to give them your order and I’m getting interrupted when I’m trying to speak. And I do kindly ask them to repeat the order pack. This reason I would not be going back to culvers. There are plenty other restaurants that don’t patronize bad service.
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Tahny D
Excellent hamburgers very fresh and made to order. They’re frozen custard is delicious. I actually love the broccoli as a side instead of fries it’s always just very fresh and delicious.
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