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Storefront pizzeria offering pies with creative & custom toppings over the counter till late.

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Address: 404 N Harrison St, Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: (804) 204-1643


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Christian’s Pizza

Christian's Pizza Richmond.

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Charlottesville, VA. Whole Pizza and Pizza by the slice. Open 11-9 Daily.

Christian’s Pizza

Specializing in delicious, fresh pizza available whole or by the slice, as well as calzones and stuffed pizzas.


Christian Dischler
Ordered a Stuffed Spinach Pie. The pizza arrived with different kinds of meat and without cheese. A dry slab of things I never wanted. I called the restaurant hoping to simply reconcile the problem. The employee on the phone just redirected me to order (again) online at their website. I’m currently on hold with Doordash to fix the problem. If you’re someone who just expects the bare minimum from a restaurant, or have any kind of dietary restrictions, I’d advise you to reconsider before ordering from here. The picture says it all. This is inedible.
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Amir Na
Incredible NY style pizza and super nice staff they gave me 3 more slice for free! That was awesome! Well deserved all these 5 stars reviews
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Lot of variety.. even if you go for a single slice, it’s pretty big, good enough for one person. I got a buffalo chicken with peppers slice and it tasted really good. It was around $4.50 and i thought it was worth it!! It’s open till late so go and grab a slice and you won’t be disappointed!!
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Christina C.
The pizza is great. Classic staples an well as those with a new twist. Service was a little lacking. It’s mostly self-serve but staff weren’t particularly helpful when answering questions. The atmosphere is standard for a pizza joint. Seating is super casual. 1st come/1st serve with high chair seating, 1 extra long table top and a few high top tables.
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Edward Shelton
Ah Christians I have had some good people watching experiences sitting in there. The pizza is good but could definitely be cheaper. It’s affordable if you get only cheese but for 2 people to eat there with 5 slices in total its almost 25 dollars. That is half a pizza and that would make a whole 50 dollars at that scale. Absolutely insane. Especially considering this is a “college” restaurant. But you know what I do always come back because at the end of the day the pizza is quality so I guess the blame is on me.
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This place has amazing pizza! The price does increase though the more toppings you get. I believe there is only one size of pizza you can order only. You can also just get slices if you want a quick bite. The store is very nice and the staff is very friendly.
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Aiden Lee
Owner is very friendly and actually interacts/jokes with customers. Service was quick. The pizza is just decent for the price, but nonetheless this is the only NY pizza place I can recommend. Go after 11 pm for 20%-ish off pepperoni and cheese slices.
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Sasha Smolkin
Literally the best pizza place in Richmond. Open late, perfect place to grab a bite after a night out. Extremely chaotic if you go at certain times but I like that. The pizza is always great. Super super cheap, $2.50 for a slice of cheese, $12 for an 18″ pie.
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Matthew Sineath
So I ordered online and came to pick it up but they never received my order even though their online service charged my credit card. They told me they weren’t taking online orders right now. Well if that’s the case you need to turn off that system because it’s taking orders. There was no rush or apologies to try to correct they error and keep a customer happy. They clearly didn’t want to make the pizza because it was a stuffed pizza and it takes time to make. The one lady just continued to spread dough like she didn’t care while the other lady takes $26 out of the register and hands it to me as a refund. I told them that wasn’t enough because I had other items on my order but they didn’t ask if I had anything else. Just assumed I ordered just the pizza. They just wanted to send me on my way, didn’t care about making it right and were happy for me to spend the money at another pizza joint. I should of just ordered Belmont like I usually do. Better service, better pizza. I just wanted a stuffed pizza and Christians was the only spot in Richmond that makes them. VCU is probably the only thing that keeps them in business.
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Vitamin Sage
Not enough staff, especially during lunch so you wait for the one person to make pies and cash you out. They don’t often greet patrons. You just stand there until they are ready for you to order and pay. Sometimes that takes a while, but the pizza is good and the hours are awesome when you’re hungry late night. It would also be good if they offered Halal and vegan options, since they have every other combo you can think of.
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