Christian’s Pizza

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Address: 100 14th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phone: (434) 872-0436


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Christian’s Pizza

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Charlottesville, VA. Whole Pizza and Pizza by the slice. Open 11-9 Daily.

Christian’s Pizza

Specializing in delicious, fresh pizza available whole or by the slice, as well as calzones and stuffed pizzas.


Charles Kirby
I ordered multiple slices of pizza to take back to my coworkers and was made fun of (I can only assume because of my size) about the amount of food I was going to be eating. Not to mention that at 1215 on a weekday they told me they wouldn’t make any more pepperoni pizza even though I wanted several slices and was willing to wait.
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Vincent Gariepy
Go to this place if you want mediocre service. As I waited in line, the person behind the counter looked for multiple opportunities to make jokes at my expense, such assuming that I was American because I was white?? Finally, after I left I believed that I might of left something valuable behind, and when I called I answered the phone only to both get yelled at for bothering them, and to be mocked for losing something. Mediocre pizza followed by an even worse customer service experience.
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Jonathan Lamborn
When I stop here on my drives back to VA beach, I get great service. Today, guy with a kiss tattoo was rude and not helpful at all. Pizza isn’t that bad actually
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Lisa Roberts
Visiting area for Dr’s appointments with my 19yr old son. He chose this place for dinner. He and I both ordered 2 slices of pizza & a drink.
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Haley Neuhoff
Quick and cheap pizza place with sizeable slices and oodles of options – some quite creative like tortellini pizza! Also happens to be especially good as late night snack.
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Kenny Gaspa
My wife and I called in a L pizza and when I showed up to get it I had to wait in line with drunk college students that were practically nude and face masks off and the place sounded like a concert. Absolute anarchy. My wife and baby waited in the car for more half hour. We called out pizza in at 8:15pm and we arrived at 8:30. They said it would take 20mins but when I got there they had no pizza for my family and they said sorry go somewhere else we don’t have it anymore.. what kind of place take orders then doesn’t follow through on business. I Will never order here again and I will NEVER recommend this place to my friends
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Arme Spielmann
Pros: Not a bad place for drunk pizza.Cons: Not a bad place for DRUNK pizza.
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Mark Otte
I enjoyed some pizza at this busy venue on a Saturday night. They have a wide variety of pies to choose from, by the slice, which comes on a nice thin and crispy crust. I’ve been here several times and always enjoy it, and you get a pretty good value for your dollar as well.
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Aya Yehia
Great pizza but the service is the absolute worst. It shouldn’t take 20 minutes to get a slice of pizza when we’re the only ones in the store.
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Jonathan Collum
This is a pizza place that I’d no frills but does what you want it to at a fair price. They have pizza by the slice or whole pizzas starting with cheese for $11. I picked out to good sized slices of buffalo chicken from the counter which were cooked once I asked for them. They have a soda fountain but also soda by the 20oz bottle. I did carry out but you could eat in at one of their long high tops. Don’t expect gourmet but it was tasty and filling.
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