Christian’s Pizza

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Wednesday11 AM–2 AM
Thursday11 AM–3 AM
Friday11 AM–3 AM
Saturday11 AM–3 AM
Sunday11 AM–2 AM
Monday11 AM–2 AM
Tuesday11 AM–2 AM

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Address: 100 14th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Phone: (434) 872-0436


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Emily Buerk
Christian’s Pizza on the corner is another late night spot. Unlike many others, I opt to eat here during the day as well. The tortellini pizza is one of my favorites and chicken peppers as well when they have it. The slices are big and the prices are fair. It’s a little hectic since this is not the original owner and the quality is lower than the downtown mall but it’s still a great place to stop into, especially for late night cravings. Oh, and don’t even bother looking at the menu because nothing on it is correct. Just look through the glass at whatever’s best. There are sometimes lines out the door at around 2am. Truly some of the best going out nights are ones that just stop at Christian’s.
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David Cooke
Been going here for almost 20 years! My favorite pizza in Cville, lots of different toppings to choose from all at a great price! I always go for the spicy chicken and peppers, service is excellent too! Thank you!
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Willow Earth
Went in today asking for a slice. The man shook his head no when I said my order. He then took pans off the tops of the pizzas that had been obviously sitting there a while. I told him the pizzas look old. He nodded his head yes. I said i didnt want old pizza. He said see ya next year. I left. By the way. He had fresh pizzas there and only offered the old coagulated pizza. As someone that works for the company who owns this property, usually we receive great service from the owner.
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Elijah Rivera
i used a delivery app, got here pretty quick. i order a large pc pizza. the crust is really thin (which i usually like) the pizza was kinda cold and it was burnt felt like i was eating chips. would not recommend
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Harper Leary
Cant use card unless order is over $5
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Thad Chappell
Incredible pizzas and fast service, plus right off 64 on exit 120 bing bam boom!!!
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Latasha Johnson
Workers are rude and acted as if they didn’t see me than it was oh hey miss didn’t see you there mind you I was the only person in the building I’m a black woman so I’m sure that played a role pizza was good tho
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Charles Kirby
I ordered multiple slices of pizza to take back to my coworkers and was made fun of (I can only assume because of my size) about the amount of food I was going to be eating. Not to mention that at 1215 on a weekday they told me they wouldn’t make any more pepperoni pizza even though I wanted several slices and was willing to wait.
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Haley Neuhoff
Quick and cheap pizza place with sizeable slices and oodles of options – some quite creative like tortellini pizza! Also happens to be especially good as late night snack.
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Vincent Gariepy
Go to this place if you want mediocre service. As I waited in line, the person behind the counter looked for multiple opportunities to make jokes at my expense, such assuming that I was American because I was white?? Finally, after I left I believed that I might of left something valuable behind, and when I called I answered the phone only to both get yelled at for bothering them, and to be mocked for losing something. Mediocre pizza followed by an even worse customer service experience.
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