Chipotle Mexican Grill

  4.2 – 1 reviews  $ • Mexican restaurant

Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Chipotle Mexican Grill 75080



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Address: 283 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080

Phone: (972) 907-1712


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Rudest customer service ever! There was a long line of people and the first thing the employee says to me “if you want some food you have to order online… “Yeah because ordering in person is such a difference. When the wait time is long! Then they were yelling at people to get their food. It was the most unprofessional experience ever. They have McDonald’s beat when it comes to having terrible customer service. Because Wow! Is it really that hard to scoop food into a container?! Imagine if doctors acted like that when put under pressure. It’s sad. It’s not even a hard job… I would put zero stars if I could.
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Tonya Ray
Order was incomplete- I paid for chips and didn’t get them. The Rice in the chicken bow was crispy, bowl half empty-Almost no chicken or beans.
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Jordan Light
Placed my order at 5:33 pm. It said it would be ready at 5:45 pm. I went inside at 5:45 pm and it was not ready. The food was handed to me at 5:55 pm. There were only 2-3 people inside, so it wasn’t busy. But they made all the people’s food who ordered inside first. The main reason for the low review, though, is I had ordered chips and guac. I didn’t notice until I got home, but the guac was definitely old as it was turning dark green and was brown in some places. Of note, I was home within 5 minutes of picking up my order, so it’s not like I picked up the food and then days later opened the guac. I attempted to eat it anyway and it had a very funky taste, so I had to throw it out. Definitely disappointed and won’t be back to this location.
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Ivana Flores-Salcido
Staff was very warm and welcoming. The food was great but I think it tasted better coupled with the good service.
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Sam Cook
My husband and I always eat here. Yesterday we both got chicken bowls and the only thing that was similar in our bowls was the chicken. We both got sick. More so me. I’m 9 months pregnant and got the food poisoning worse, which can be very dangerous. They were rushing the young guy cooking the meat. The restaurant had 2 customers so I see no need for rushing something and sending out bad meat. but Staff is always friendly and it’s always clean.
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Mike Wang
Almost always slaps. Go here frequently but I will say maybe 1/8 they mess up the order, but they’re busy so it makes sense. Just ask customer support and they will give you free stuff.
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Marco Romano
Disgusting location, very lackluster when compared to the austin locations. There is a pipe in the ceiling that leaks on customers trying to order, there are weird dirt marks on the walls, the food looks gross and the service is bad. It’s just high school kids giving you condescending remarking when your trying to order. This place really needs to step there game up.
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Yaniza McCranley
Best food I’ve ever eaten some fill.and stuff your burrito bowls and some.give you just enough I love it
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Tom White
I have really come to love the Chipotle menu for lunch. Much better than the Burger-doodle joints and I’m guessing probably better for you! Staff behind the food line were patient while I was sorting out what I wanted. I’ll be back!
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Lucifer Sam
Had lunch with a lady friend and the food was good as always. I had the shredded beef bowl with rice, cheese, pico de gallo, and a touch of sour cream. Good stuff!
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