Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Wednesday10:45 AM–10 PM
Thursday10:45 AM–10 PM
Friday10:45 AM–10 PM
Saturday10:45 AM–10 PM
Sunday10:45 AM–10 PM
Monday10:45 AM–10 PM
Tuesday10:45 AM–10 PM

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Address: 1107 W Trenton Ave Suite A, Findlay, OH 45840

Phone: (419) 434-1519


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Aarica Nofzinger
I love the drive through window even though the set up is kinda wonky leaving. Everyone has always been very friendly. When we’ve gone inside it’s always been clean. Now the food… sometimes the chips have no salt. Sometimes they are like eating a salt lick. Sometimes they taste 4 days old. The meat portions they give you is really bad. My husband gets the 3 tacos and how much they fill them up actually would fill just one. We don’t come as often as we’d like to because you just don’t get your moneys worth anymore.
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Jaye Aster Broder
The food was delicious. While it was late, the staff noticed the salad ingredients were wilted so they took out fresh greens from the fridge for my salad. The guacamole portion was generous. The carnitas were flavorful.
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Daniel Smith
Cliffs Notes Summary – I’m generally a big fan of Chipotle but was disappointed in dining here.
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Alex Tapia
Burrito was great. The girl that made not so much. She was young and rude with an attitude. The guy cashing out had a way better attitude. The place was completely dirty. Soda station dirty, EVERY table was filthy and the floor was trashed. Theses young kids didn’t care one bit.
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Trenton Shaffer
Honestly, I don’t know what’s happened to Chipotle over the last several years, but it’s gone down hill. I would say, the last 5 times I’ve ordered, Chicken as my protein, it was WAY, WAY to over-seasoned, to the point where it was almost inedible. Same with the rice, I can’t tell if it’s over-cooked, or dry. Better training needs to be implemented You have to pay almost double for portions you used to get 10 years ago. Management should fix this. Also, the parking set-up here, IMO, is asinine. Too many handicap, and mobile order spots, and not enough standard spots. Probably because of the fact it was a Max & Erma’s before. (I’ll include pictures next time I go.) I want to end this review on a high note with, the employees are nice, and give great service. I always get my food in a timely manner.
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Cael Rose
So I got dinner and the food tasted fine. However I was left with a stomachache all night and threw up everything in my stomach in the morning. Would not recommend. The staff was very annoying during the time we were in the restaurant.
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Laura Shuck
Love chipotle first of all. Ordered from the new location for the first time and after we get home see how skimpy they were. $12 for half a bowl. Glad we didn’t get double steak.
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Joseph Frishkorn
This location just started charging $1.50 per vinegrette, which is just ridiculous. Not to mention the cups aren’t even half full. They’re also pretty stingy with proportions. You’d be better off visiting the other chipotle a couple miles away.
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Haleigh Skilton
I hate this new location, but love the connivence for this side of town. Portions are always different. The bowl I just ordered online was supposed to have rice, but I would say there is less than half a scoop. I was also told I had to pay extra for sour cream. I order the same thing online every-time, but always receive something different. The portions are just terrible here. Not one worker can make a proportioned bowl and keep it the same size as the next.
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Samuel Young
This is pathetic. I ordered Double Chicken (additional $2), Extra Cheese, and Extra Sour Cream (among other things) and this is how “full” the bowl was. I also did not get my chips, but thank goodness I got cold Queso.
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