Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Address: 901 N Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH 44001

Phone: (440) 989-4100


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This Chipotle is always hit or miss on the quality of their food. Sometimes it’s really good but lately more bad. Our online orders have been wrong more than they have been right. Always missing something! Now they don’t have lids and use aluminum foil to cover the bowls. I never get a notification when I order from the app when my order is ready from this location.
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Darenda Sutton
So I’m from Houston TX.. I travel for work and eat with Chipotle a few times a week and I have ate at way over 100 different locations.. THIS ONE BY FAR THE BEST ONE I HAVE ATE AT.. the staff were amazing smiling friendly kind.. from start to finish went amazing.. definitely get your money’s worth.. I would give it 10 stars if it would let me.. the staff here should be training other stores ..9/3/2022.. 7:30pm..
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Tim Harden
Picked up an online order for four during peak hours and all four were completely wrong so we had to find a last minute alternative. Credit was applied to the account but you can’t refund the wasted time spent waiting for the order and the disappointment with the results.
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Dennis Frye
This is the WORST Chipotle ever. The corporation doubles the prices and I have had my order screwed up several times.The completely rude staff here refuses to remake the orders even when you show them that they ripped us off for double steak. there was no steak on the bowl at all!!
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Jenna gravelle
I had tacos and the guy making them didn’t drain any of the liquid fron the mild salsa so the tacos became soggy. He also didn’t take care while creating them. He slopped on the sour cream so it was all over the outer taco shells and one taco had very little meat in it. These were definitely the worst tacos I have had from Chipotle
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Mark Akers
The last 2 out of 3 visits were not up to my satisfaction. The self serve area was not clean. Two of the bubblers for the specialty drinks were so low that you could not fill a large drink. How can you run out of peppers and onions on 2 of the 3 visits ? Is there a shortage of vegetables… doubtful. Apparently there are management or staff concerns that need to be addressed.
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Anna W.
Other locations are a 5 star. I’m not so sure if Lorain has a management issue or what but its filthy. When we got there, there was 1 person sitting, 1 person ahead of us in line. 100% filthy tables. We had to clean up our own table as well as the 3 customers behind us. Gross, just gross. Food was good but Gordon Ramsey would say this is a reflection of their practices and that’s scary.
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Ryan Downie
This chipotle is the best one I’ve ever been at. Tonight, 8/3/21, the line was at the door and curving around the restaurant, busy as all hell. The team was absolutely killing it, everyone hustling and getting the job done.
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Food was cold for the online order which I had to wait for anyway, they didnt give me my queso that I paid for and I had to ask for a cup and get it myself. The woman helping me did not have very good customer service skills either!! I get a half hour for lunch and barely made it back in time to clock back in. I wont be doing at Amherst, Ohio Chipotle anymore!
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L Denise Scott McCoy
Loved not having to wait in a long line. Food was fresh. Staff’s customer service skills were okay
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