Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Address: 8635 Blanding Blvd Ste 102, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Phone: (904) 772-1322


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Netra Ray
Let me start by saying I LOVE CHIPOTLE!! I eat here regularly and have never came upon a problem.. but once! Today was different. I walked in and stood in line and just observed… like always. The young man preparing the meals worked on four different people ahead of me, he cleared off food that was dropped on the counter, he removed empty and dirty containers and replaced full and cleaned ones. He goes back to complete another customer’s order.. all wearing the same dirty gloves. As he walks over to start on my burrito bowl I asked him kindly to change his gloves. At this point I think he should have washed his hands and do this on his own, but I still asked. Immediately he got an attitude.. like who am I to ask him to change his gloves. I should have asked him to wash his hands as well but didn’t want the unnecessary bother. The entire time he’s preparing my bowl he’s obviously annoyed. I asked for an extra side of sour cream and hot sauce.. he places it on the counter where I would have to reach over to get it. Thankfully the young lady at the register saw my face and grabbed them both for me. Like why was “he” upset? Shouldn’t they be washing their hands and changing their gloves or is it just me??
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Mercury N
Food came overcooked really hard to chew and overall not good ate here before it was good idk what happened but today they messed me up at least they finally had drinks in stocks unlike last time I came
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Carlette Colón
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dylan krell
Nice service here, no complaints really. Only thing I may be able to say is that the portion sizes are a little on the small side. But otherwise. Nice experience. The bathrooms have a code lock as well.
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Laura Weston-Pruneda
AHHHH!! the cauliflower rice is amazing!! Thank you thank you.
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Lou Pinard
Worst experience at a chipotle in a long time, came in at 2pm. Stood in line for 15 mins as it was a rush (understandable) however we get to the front and the center gentleman (working the toppings) was messing around, chatting with the lady on the till. He was holding everything up he had 6 orders backed up and everything was at a Halt because he wouldn’t stop talking and messing around with everyone. My fiancé & I stood in front of him for 10 minutes (no exaggeration) staring at him whilst he laughed and danced around chatting.
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Andrew Minard
It may look like this is half eaten, but I just opened this . I was pretty excited about the new keto bowl . I placed my order through deliver and this is what I got . After calling and speaking to the Manager on duty (Alex) , no resolution was offered. This bowl does not look like it is portrayed on the menu. There is only chicken cheese and guacamole and a spoon full of cauliflower rice . I would love for Chipotle to make this right, this meal is hardly enough food for a 7year old and definitely not work 13 dollars .
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Bri Williams
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They completely messed up my order, the order was a to go order placed on the app. They labeled my bowl chicken when there was pork inside of it . I do not eat pork.
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This location does a great job. Food is always fresh and tastes great. I visit here about once a week and have never had an issue.
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