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There’s a Burger King® restaurant near you at 1700 S 10th St. Visit us or call for more information. Every day, more than 11 million guests visit over 13,000 Burger King® restaurants near them in 97 countries around the world. And they do so because our fast food restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting and affordable food. The Burger King® restaurant in Mount Vernon, IL serves burgers, breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared your way. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to quality ingredients, signature recipes, iconic sandwiches like the flame-grilled WHOPPER® Sandwich and fast, family-friendly dining experiences in a welcoming environment is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.

Well-known fast-food chain serving grilled burgers, fries & shakes.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 1700 S 10th St, Mt Vernon, IL 62864

Phone: (618) 244-9467

Website: https://burgerking.com/store-locator/store/restaurant_5164

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Cynthia Coffey
The food was not hot and we ordered inside to eat. But the main thing was it was very dirty, not knowing the area we would have went somewhere else if we knew something close. My husband said the bathroom was very nasty. I do understand its hard times with employees but when you keep having a business like that you won’t have to worry about employees because you will not be open. Hope you can get it better soon.
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Paul Umstott
Avoid this location if you like burger king. That simple. In long, they have no idea what they are doing, an active fire was going when I walked in ( to the point it was hazing the restaurant). And for some reason, they are “unable to connect” to the app and so take no mobile coupons.
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Marie Milash
Took a car full of kids to lunch. The order was accurate and employees as always were friendly. Not your typical day food experience
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Apparently they need new speakers. Since I said my order 3 times and they still kept asking what I wanted. Been getting worse at this location. Most of the time they act like you are interrupting them when you order.
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Stacy Thomas
Great food employees were so sweet loved going here. Best fry’s in town.
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Kendra Arnett
You MUST come see this store. They are so friendly there are crowns everywhere. I heard one of the ladies explaining to the staff that putting a crown on a table is a great way to know if the table needs cleaned plus it puts a crown on everyone. Great idea, great service, and hot fresh food. Can’t say enough about how nice it was to see happy people doing great work.
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Dustin Moore
Took almost 20 mins in drive through to get 2 8 pc nuggets and a large choc shake only 1 other car in drive through
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Bill Jackson
This place has really made some improvements. My whole family went here there was kids crowns everywhere the kids loved them. The staff was so friendly and inviting. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Very family friendly place. And the food was excellent if you haven’t been in lately you definitely should give this place a shot.
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Lonnie Mckitrick
20 minutes at least in the drive thru to get soda that tasted horrible and food that wasn’t much better.
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Mrs. C.
Food was good but service was lacking. I was greeted at the drive through and told to wait. I waited 10 minutes before placing the order. There were only 2 cars in front of me. The man in the car ahead of me was frustrated as he was charged for the wrong order and then had to wait a long time for his order. Then, they did not give me half of my order and I was told they didnt have the drinks i ordered. I waited for the rest of my order, which was still wrong and still, no drinks. After offering a refund for drinks, another worker brought me the drinks they said they didnt have. The person behind me got out of his car and walked to the window because he thought no one was working. 40 minutes for fast food- I could have gone to a nice restaurant and sat down for a meal in that time. The other customers were disappointed as well. Do better!
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