Buffalo Wild Wings

  3.8 – 1 reviews  $$ • Chicken wings restaurant

Chain dishing up wings, tenders & burgers, plus sauces ranging from sweet to very spicy.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Buffalo Wild Wings 60148



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Address: 207 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL 60148

Phone: (630) 889-9464

Website: https://www.buffalowildwings.com/locations/us/il/lombard/207-east-roosevelt-rd/sports-bar-164?utm_source=google%20my%20business&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=website%20link


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Ibrand.Media “Ibrand.Media” Tony
We had a great time with kids at this facility. We came in for lunch and the place wasn’t busy at all. The food came in quickly once it was ordered. Stay that served us was really friendly. She was really quick about getting the food orders and drinks. Kids loved their wings and the lunch promos they have are fabulous. I also ordered food to go and it came out pretty quickly. Would defiantly come back and try more.
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carlos salazar
Came to have some wings and drinks. I entered the restaurant and was asked were I wanted to seat. I asked for a booth. The manager Jonathan took me to a booth next to the door were you can feel the air coming in from everyone entering and exiting the restaurant. Keep in mind is 17 degrees outside. I asked if I could get a different table and was told there were no other table and that I would have to wait if I wanted to seat somewhere else. I told him it was cold and that there were more empty tables then full ones. Our server was super nice and she took action and switched us to a different table. I give her a 5 star. The manager Jonathan tried to argue with her and did not want us to move tables. This manager sucks and has a bad attitude and definitely does not know customer service. Picture I took is the empty restaurant and the manager in the picture is Jonathan
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eric Gringo (darkgringo07)
BW3’s Great place restaurant was neat and tidy with good service. Good portion size and cheese curds were awesome
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Chandler McCroskey
Didn’t provide any of the requested ranch and missed 1 of the sauces for the wings. Wings were completely dry, as if they had been fried twice. Also crammed broken chips in the box for queso app so you get crushed chips. Money wasted on already over priced food and this isn’t the first time from this spot. UPDATE: they don’t send the points that they offer when trying to get you to remove your review. This really is one of the worst managed locations there is. Hit a wing stop if you live by this one.
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Chef Dobbs
Great service from the bartender! Obviously the Thursday night football game was great as well. The wings were served cool. It seemed that the wings were cooked and then sat for a bit before being tossed in cold hot sauce. Unfortunate but the service and atmosphere both enjoyable.
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Rana Gidron
The best part of my meal was the strawberry lemonade. The tots were dry and had a few sprinkles of brisket and mostly fat as well as sauce. I didn’t even eat it all. I left very disappointed in my meal. But my server Samantha gets 5 stars. Let’s not even start on what they expect you to pay for those cauliflower wings. They give you less than I get at home. Sent it back.
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Best buffalo wild wings ever! My order was done in 5 minutes and perfect! This location needs to teach the other ones in Chicago a thing or two. Will definitely be back with friends next time! Thank you Taylor!
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Ayli Ghiya
Ooh the food was so delicious and tried the Spiciest Wings here.. ooh damn they were spicy! At that moment the Onion rings were not available along with a bunch of dishes but the once we had were really tasty! I never got a chance to try their onion rings but they are highly recommended I have heard.
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Mackenzie Clickner
I turned 21 in April of 2022 and haven’t gotten my horizontal ID in the mail yet. I’ve been to this location SO MANY TIMES , it’s my go to place for a drink, never any issues with my vertical ID, they ALWAYS accepted it. Just today I went in and they denied me alcohol because all of a sudden they don’t accept vertical IDs. The manager said it was a “company policy” and I understand that but at least be consistent. They offered to cover 1 item for us on our bill and I appreciated it but it was just a very frustrating experience.
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Olga Murillo
Food was delicious. We had the new Buffalo thin pizza. And of course our forever , must have , delicious mango habanero chicken wings . Our waitress was courteous and attentive, awfully nice . Great service. Beer and New Margaritas strawberry/fruit flavor with Tajin was extremely good delicious.
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