Bucket O’ Crawfish

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Fresh seafood with Louisiana-inspired sauces & a West Coast Asian twist in a rustic ambiance.

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Address: 1980 W 3500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Phone: (801) 419-0900

Website: http://www.bucketocrawfish.com/


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Bucket O’ Crawfish

Rethink Seafood. Bucket O’ Crawfish is Utah’s premier spot to get your hands on fresh, delicious, and messy Cajun-inspired food.

Menu – Bucket O’ Crawfish

COMBO MEALS ; 12.95. Fried Shrimp Basket. *Golden-fried shrimp served w/ regular or Cajun fries* ; 12.95. Fried Catfish Basket. *Crispy golden-fried catfish …

About – Bucket O’ Crawfish

Bucket O’ Crawfish is Utah’s favorite spot to get delicious, messy, Cajun style seafood.


Terry Anderson
This place has absolutely gone downhill since the first time we came here. The gumbo was very salty, it had good flavor but you couldn’t eat it. I ordered the catfish and shrimp platter and got 4 Shrimp and 2 very small pieces of Catfish. On a happy note the waitress did bring us extra shrimp because she saw without us asking that the portions were super small. I did appreciate that. All in all, don’t think we will come back, but at least the beer was cold and delicious.
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Michael Soucy
First time here. The experience was great. I brought my wife here to try a Crawdad boil for the first time. She loved it. Definitely going to visit again.
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Kamber Marie
If I could give 10 stars I would. This place is AMAZING. Scott the GM and all of the waitstaff are so kind and helpful. We were helped right away and our food came fast. VALUE VALUE VALUE you really get what you pay for. We got a pound each and left full. The sauce was PERFECT and the shrimps were cooked PERFECT. The amount of crab we got was astonishing for what we paid. We LOVED it here and this will definitely be our date night hotspot. The atmosphere is so fun and welcoming, and even though we were there a little after close they were kind and not pushy. 10/5 stars everything about this place is perfect not a single bad thing to say.
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Matthew Clark
It’s been a bit since we were last there during “covid”. Things seem to be picking up as they were pretty busy on a Sunday. They seemed to have a full staff working and the service was great. The food is very tasty and the flavor of the marinades is awesome! Prices vary by what you order and by the weight you order, so it can be very reasonable and it can be a bit expensive depending on what you order.
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Emily Elder
Last time I was here was 2 1/2 years ago until today and it’s only gotten better. I will be coming more often. Incredibly delicious, crazy mix with medium heat is perfect for any choice. We walked in an were immediately seated. It was a Saturday night too. Food came within 5 minutes.
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Brooke Joyce
Great food! The crawfish were a bit small without enough meat to really make the work worth it. The shrimp were great & absolutely worth the money. I grew up on the east coast where Low Country Boils/Frogmore Stew are prevalent and the flavor is not quite what I’m used to but still the same experience and as close as I’ve seen anywhere in Utah!
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Firts time in this restaurant And I’m in love with the food! We order a bucket with shrimp, scallops, snow crabs, mussels, with Cajun and garlic sauce, delicious! For the kids we ordered fried shrimp bucket , chicken wings with fries everything was good! Highly recommend this place! Party of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids we paid $135
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The Only Buttons
Well this was probably a 1st and last time experience ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ . But first let me say it had nothing to do with the service as it was good. We where seated right away and got our drinks with in five minutes. But when I pay 15$ (which is a little less than what I make in an hour for work) for food I expect to get a decent size portion , not two finger sized pieces of catfish and 5 over cooked shrimps with more fries than anything . I know seafood is expensive but that was unsatisfactory .
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Leo Hernandez
Customer service is not as good as others, the only reason it is worth coming there is the food, if you order to go the waiters completely ignore you, kinda like you don’t exist. The cashier was very polite and offered me a new version of the menu after the person that greeted me ignored me and just pointed to an old dirty menu on the bar after I said I wanted to order to take out. I guess I’m not worthy of good customer service if I’m not staying there.
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Faith Farrah
I would give 1 star but I gave 2 cuz the manager ended up taking my order. I walked in to order out couple days ago and the bartender/server acted like she was taking my order then she decided to abandon me and go attend to her tables leaving me standing there for 15 min and the other server was busy trying to figure out his order mistake. Then the manager came and stood there forever to fix the mistake. Finally he took my order of fish & shrimp basket with Cajun fries which didn’t turn out Cajun at all and too soggy too much for the high price of $17 for few pcs!!! I was nice enough to leave a tip for not well deserved service just cuz I know the servers depend on the tips as their base pay is very low. It was my first time there and last. If your want good business, don’t treat your customers as if they’re an annoyance, after all your business wouldn’t exist without then.
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