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Headquartered in Norcross, GA, Waffle House restaurants have been serving Good Food Fast since 1955. Today the Waffle House system operates more than 1,800 restaurants in 25 states and is the world’s leading server of waffles, t-bone steaks, hashbrowns, cheese ‘n eggs, country ham, pork chops and grits.

Simple chain spot offering American diner fare & all-day breakfast, including signature waffles.

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Address: 275 Pinnacle Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

Phone: (423) 217-7605

Website: https://locations.wafflehouse.com/bristol-tn-2353


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Waffle House #2353 – BRISTOL, TN

BRISTOL, TN 37620 … 25 states and is the world’s leading server of waffles, t-bone steaks, hashbrowns, cheese ‘n eggs, country ham, pork chops and grits.

Waffle House 1005 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

It’s the Waffle House; what else can be said! The breakfast meal was fine; our server was fine. the bathroom was cleanParking: Plenty of spotsWheelchair …

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275 Pinnacle Pkwy, Bristol, TN, United States, Tennessee. . +423 217 76 05. . locations.wafflehouse.com. . Always open. . Rating · 3.8 (44 Reviews).


Sophis Gardner
I Hate to review this well known business but……on our visit today we encountered many things that shouldn’t be happening whilst there. The window cleaners cleaned the outside windows, came inside and started cleaning windows at table areas where no one was seated using the same squeegee that were used outside. Needless to say after cleaning the inside windows there was water and bugs on the window seals , tables and splashed on the napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers and table. Why would a business have window cleaners doing this. Not to mention the roach on the table that appeared after the patrons left their table. Photos don’t lie.
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Travis Bower
The food was great the service from the waitress Raven was outstanding. That being said the cook this evening bobo needs some anger management classes and some serious medication. He was extremely disrespectful towards everyone around. Throwing things, dropping things loudly and making a scene. He threatened to walk out in front of all of us. He also decided it was time for a break and sat next to my family and was extremely loud talking on the phone. The restaurant was empty besides my party. He easily could have went to the other end of the dining room or outside. I understand everyone has a bad day now and then. That being said this behavior is unacceptable. I’d gladly eat again just not late in the evening.
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Megan R.
We visited this location 2 weeks ago and as soon as we walked in and sat down “Bo Bo” walked over and said, “I don’t hit women but I’ll fight men.” We never even said 1 word to him. We visited again tonight and he was extremely rude to the waitresses and customers, cussing, slamming everything, breaking plates, taking our orders (which ended up coming out wrong), etc. He is so aggressive and honestly kinda scary to be around. He complains about the waitress taking orders, complains about having to cook the orders, just absolutely terribly. It’s a 24 hours establishment, people are going to come eat. If you don’t want to cook Bo Bo, maybe it’s time to find another job
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Sarah Gilliland
I’d leave a -10 if I could, not for the food, but for a major employee problem. The cook, BoBo, has been just awful both times I’ve encountered him. He’s mentally and verbally abusive to the other employees. Witnessed it on two separate occasions a week apart. Yelling, throwing things around, smashing a dish on the floor, berating our waitress, Raven, who was fantastic. Incredibly unprofessional on all levels, and I honestly don’t know how anyone could work in his presence. He needs anger management classes and maybe a psych eval.
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Sabrina Meadows
We use to go down a lot when it opened but the last cpl times we have seen new workers and the atmosphere is load and annoying. The bad part is…the food is good but the cook is jamming music so loud that the waitress can not hear the customers in order to get our order right. Our waitress messed our order on 3 diffrent entrees.
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Melissa Mendoza
This is the best waffle house experience I ever had. I’m not sure what the cook’s real name was but the lady watress called him rainbow and he was so funny and sweet. This is my favorite waffle house ever now … I’m from Texas.
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Max Lorah, But Not THAT Max Lorah
Kate and Sierra really went above and beyond with our visit. My girlfriend and I felt welcomed and right at home for our first trip to a Waffle House. If this experience is their normal work ethic, then the establishment definitely knows what they’re doing. Thank you guys for the pleasant meal!
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Josh Crosslin
This is a good example of a Waffle House. My omelette was delicious, hashbrowns were on point. Burger was great too. The restaurant was short staffed (2 workers at the WH closest to Bristol after a race let’s out), but they were doing great with the people they had.
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Holly Ray
Went on a Wednesday night around 930 pm
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Debbie Keith
Waffle House has become my new favorite go to when I’m craving grilled chicken. I have become a fan of their grilled chicken bowl: crispy hash browns, diced grilled breast, American cheese and I add grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. Delicious!
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