The Loft At Strafford Farms

  3.7 – 39 reviews   • Family restaurant

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Address: 58 New Rochester Rd, Dover, NH 03820

Phone: (603) 742-7012


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Heather Ramos
Waited an hour and a half for our food. Got our to-go orders before our actual meals even came out (like 15 minutes after we ordered it). Orders were wrong. Waitress was completely miserable. So miserable in fact that I felt bad for her. She didn’t smile once, she was rude, and simply seemed put out to being there. Having worked in restaurants before, I know how tough it can be so I always give the benefit of the doubt. However, this was not our first dining experience with her and the impression was the same this time around. I believe this restaurant could be a little more successful with a MUCH smaller, focused menu and a change in wait staff. The menu is too overwhelming for the guests so I imagine it’s just as overwhelming for the cook(s). I did voice my concerns over the phone with the manager, and she very pleasant to deal with. This place (Strafford Farms) has been around for a very long time so I hope they can take the appropriate measures to stay in business.
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Robert Kenney
A great little pub that many people in the area go to. A meeting place. Good food, good beer.
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Brian Mclean
Great place to hang out but evertime i eat there it reminds me why i dont eat there wish the food was just a little better
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J. Charles Moakley
Mother’s Day at the Loft was absolute chaos! We arrived on time. Walked into the Loft through and passed the buffet line. Three waitresses were in discussion at the end of the bar when I interrupted. Cassie was our waitress and under the circumstances did a great job but she had too much to do. At one point she actually had to run downstairs to get more plates.
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James Orfanides
To start off I got the calamari which was definitely frozen wasn’t bad. Then I ordered the turkey dinner which was really good I did like it. The server slash bartender was excellent. Food there is okay prime rib not my favorite I’ve had much better go there once in a great while not my favorite place. We go to a lot of different restaurants. Strafford Farms would be last on the choice list.
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David Hubbard Sr
Dry food.. heated in microwave or felt it did. Pie was gross..Coffee was good. Server wS nice cheerful and quick.
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Jeff Spires
Cozy upstairs bar / lounge. Complimentary popcorn. Great place to watch a game or just chill with friends and family. Kid friendly.
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Bart VonDoom
Just been there tonight, I had hopes about this place and wanted to celebrate with a meal out for the family and I am SO disappointed! We arrived around 7pm and there were 4 tables with people for two waitresses. One stayed behind the bar talking to either friends or regulars for most of the time we were there, the other one with dark hair was running around like crazy trying to deal with the tables. After a good ten minutes and two more tables filled with new customers, we were finally asked if what we wanted to drink. Drinks arrived promptly and we were asked what we wanted for food. Kids and I were ready but not my wife. From there we waited an extra 15 minutes before she showed up and asked again. Kids asked for fish & chips and a slice of pizza, I ordered rear sirloin tips and my wife was up for quesadilla. After a nearly 30 minutes wait, I asked the dark haired waitress if the food was soon to come as my kids were getting impatient who nicely answered she would go and check with the kitchen. At that time, the other waitress did not move from the bar and was still talking with the same couple of customers. Food arrived like two minutes later and sadly, most of it was bad (pics attached). Rear sirloin tips were over cooked, felt more like chewing gum than anything else, and french fries were clearly made from frozen, no sauce. Fish and chips, the fish was dry and under cooked and the fires were, well, made from frozen and tasteless, came with no sauce nor condiment. Pizza slice was overcooked (melted cheese was black) and my son said it was “too spicy”. Only the quesadilla was actually pretty good. When I asked for mayo, I was looked at like I was an alien. We ate what we could and asked for the bill. When we left, the blonde waitress finally started to move away from the bar and serve tables. I am seriously disappointed since the place looks nice and has potential but the food and the service were such a let down, this would be a first and last time! I am not coming back to that place and will make sure friends and family know what to expect and would obviously avoid to go there. 2 waitresses for a Friday night is not enough, especially when one has clearly decided she would spend more time chatting with her couple of friends than doing her job. I feel bad for the young dark haired waitress who spent the evening running around, trying to make up for her lazy colleague. Also, I truly believe the kitchen staff needs to improve their cooking skills, especially when a restaurant made pizza taste worst than a Walmart frozen pizza. Don’t know if they were on a bad night but I DO NOT RECOMMEND and will definitely avoid this place for sure! They lost a bunch of first time customers tonight! More than $60 for this is also a complete rip-off!
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Andy Pinzhoffer
I love a good local bar, and I love supporting them, but I had a tough time here. I stood at the bar to order a drink for a solid 5 minutes without being helped. Eventually I had a seat and had a little more success ordering, but not much. I ordered a Smuttynose IPA (I like supporting local breweries as well), but the waitress looked confused and just repeated ‘IPA’. She came back a few minutes later without the beer to confirm I wanted ‘an IPA’, so I clarified ‘Smuttynose IPA’. She came back 5 minutes later with Lagunitas IPA, but at this point I was just happy to have a beer. The table ordered food, and the waitress came back 10 minutes after ordering it to confirm what we ordered so she knew to bring it out when it came up. I have a feeling she forgot to put the order in because the food was an additional 25-30 minutes before it came out (it was nachos). Came out without the sauces we asked for and we had about 10 minutes to eat the entire thing before we had to leave for a meeting. Maybe it was just a bad night for the server or they were really new, but I don’t think I would come back here.
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Wayne Breden
Lot of teens hanging out on Friday evening. A little noisy with typical teen pranks. You could tell Kyra wasn’t working.
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