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The Halal Guys are bringing American Halal Food to the masses. Featuring a flavor profile that can’t be replicated in any other cuisine format, flawlessly cooked, premium quality Halal meats that are seasoned to perfection and a melting pot of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors that are sure to delight like our world famous White Sauce. Come see why We Are Different.

Offshoot of a famed food cart offering gyros, chicken & rice platters & other Middle Eastern fare.

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Address: 621 NJ-18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Phone: (732) 254-2525



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Vivek Jaiswal
We usually get chicken bowl and falafel sandwich. I love it. They prepare very quickly and tastiest chicken over rice you can have. Plus the advantage is that you get it here in East Brunswick and not have to go to NYC to get the same taste.
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Raoul Mata
The franchise that started it all, Halal Guys has come a long way from just a pop up in NY to having multiple physical locations. Honestly Halal Guys has a special place in my heart, the fact that it’s open late at night makes it so good on those late night trips. Rice is good and flavorful, the pita bread is soft and fluffy, the meats are really good. Overall you can’t go wrong with Halal Guys, cheap good food open late night.
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Yatin Pradhan
We come here for dinner almost once a month. We always get the gyro n rice platter. The gyro is beef just so u know. The overload of the white sauce enhances the taste and is a must. As a PSA, Please don’t put bbq sauce . The hot sauce is hot af so please beware. I like to sweat while I eat so a packet n half of hot sauce is what I need ‍♂️. I find the chicken bland but to each their own. Having eaten at the original 53rd n 6th, it’s good to get your halal fix in the burbs.
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I always visit this place. Great staff and everything is done very quickly. The food tastes exactly like it does in NY. I went to Canada a few days ago and visited the Toronto store, and was blown away. It tastes just as good as it does here, in East Brunswick. I’m glad they have locations all around the world. Again, the food is great and worth the money.
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Tried their falafel platter and falafel sandwich.
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Catherine DeTrizio
Delicious food, excellent customer service. I don’t feel embarrassed saying I love what New Yorkers call “street meat”. But this is no ordinary meat; their chicken and lamb with rice and salad with a healthy dose of their phenomenal white sauce is the perfect pick me up on a good bad or indifferent day. Can’t wait to go back for a great meal.
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Mohammad Sohail
Today, we got 2 chicken over rice platter from this Halal Guys restaurant, taste was not good, texture was completely missing. And the amount was very less at the price they charged. I was traveling from New York to Pennsylvania and thought to try Halal Guys and found this restaurant on the way. They are running the shop on the brand name, not on quality of food. I will not go again there and will not recommend if you fond of good food.
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Tony Cavallaro
Been going here for a while now. The platters are always delicious. I have yet to have a gyro but I imagine they are just as good. Glad they franchised and made this a chain so I can get it whenever I want and not have to go up to NYC.
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Zamna Moreno
I have been comming to this spot in particular for the past few months after my first experience blew my taste buds out of the water. The food is always consistent in its quantity and quality as well as the staff being extremely accommodating and friendly. Mahmoud has made my platter countless times and is very attentive to each independent order. Nikki, who is usually the cashier when I go, has a great smile and attitude when it comes to taking care of the payment and there wishes to “have a good rest of your day and to enjoy one’s food” will always leave you feeling welcomed back on your planned return. This has been My favorite spot since I started comming here and will continue to come back on days I don’t want to cook to enjoy the great quality of food as well as to see the friendly staff that always welcomes me back with a smile! One of my top favorite food places to go and I can not wait to be back !
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Kenya Ouko
Their food is ALWAYS fire but the new updated App for points is terrible. I lost so many rewards because of it. Then I forget to put my receipt code in to get points, but if you wait to long it expire I think in a week. I miss the old App it was faster and better in my opinion.
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