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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 4425 S White Mountain Road in Show Low. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online or on the mobile app for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Taco Bell 85901


Friday7 AM–1 AM
Saturday7 AM–1 AM
Sunday7 AM–12 AM
(Labor Day)
7 AM–12 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday7 AM–12 AM
Wednesday7 AM–12 AM
Thursday7 AM–12 AM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 4425 S White Mountain Rd, Show Low, AZ 85901

Phone: (928) 537-3366



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Tony Dreizehn
Stood at the counter for almost 10 minutes & nobody would help or even look at us. Turned around to use the kiosk & still took another 15 minutes damn near for six burritos & six tacos. You need to tell your employees not to smoke their dope well working cause they all were having difficulties focusing to get the job done.
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Jasper E
Mike, Danny and Ashley were short staffed, had a very long line and handled everything adequately. The food was fresh(including the lettuce) and out within a few moments of ordering. Everything was impeccable. One of the best Taco bell restaurants my wife and I have been to in the lower western united States. Also, the restrooms and guest area was spotless regardless of the occupancy. Excellent job!
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Margo Miller
Stood at the counter and four people in the back looked at me and not one acknowledged that I was there. They looked at me and continued to do what they were doing. I understand if they are busy or short staffed but please acknowledge your customers and let them know you will be with them as soon as you can. I left as the drive up girl noticed me and began to walk over.
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Tony Chacon
We waited for approximately 8 minutes. Before someone came up front. Then a young lady came from the drive thru. She says I can help you at the kiosk, if I want to do the kiosk, I would gone to it. Not a few minutes later there was a cashier there. Talk about no back up. And the rice was hard on the power chicken bowl. Seems I may take my business else where.
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Joey Ray
Food was delicious hot and the service was ok. Not to mention the lady punched in our order on the kiosk, she didn’t let us choose what we wanted in our little box but, we enjoyed it any way… btw we didn’t even realize we could have chose different items to build our box until, after was we’re done eating. But overall we were hungry so we didn’t complain. Other thn that it was a good visit. Very clean interior and kick back atmosphere..
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George Ross
Just ok on all. It seems you have to pay extra to get a decent amount of meat. They always seem short staffed. I guess like everything else these days they either have to cut back on portion sizes or increase prices, which they’ve done too. It’s hard to get good help also.
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Desiree2 Desire
I messed my order up here after some confusion on my part.
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Nick Fulk
Inside of the store was clean. I order on the app as always and food is ready in just a couple minutes. I really like the fact that the app has gotten much better in the last few months as before it would take forever for it to drop in my order.
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Jade Bennett
As far as taco bell goes, this one was not as disappointing as usual. I actually got a decent amount of food in my burrito. A lot of the time it’s like 80% tortilla but this location seems to care a bit more about quality.
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Butterfly Flamez
I went through drive thru. Upon receiving my food and leaving I asked the young lady if my hot sauce was in the bag and she said yes. I took her word for it and upon returning home there was no sauce in my bag. I even tried calling and no answer
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