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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 13726 W Bell Rd in Surprise. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online or on the mobile app for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Taco Bell 85374


Friday7 AM–1 AM
Saturday7 AM–1 AM
Sunday7 AM–12 AM
(Labor Day)
7 AM–12 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday7 AM–12 AM
Wednesday7 AM–12 AM
Thursday7 AM–12 AM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 13726 W Bell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85374

Phone: (623) 544-4699



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Michelle Kuykendall
I usually stop here after my overnight shift to grab a quick breakfast for my son, husband, and I. It never fails, that the order is always missing something. I can understand if they are super busy but at 8:15 in the morning… yea its almost a dead zone. The ladies at the drive thru are friendly and smile, making the morning nice. If I go inside, it’s always clean, and stocked with napkins, sauces, and whatever else you need. This one always has ice, so very happy about that. I would recommend this place, just check your order. It’s clean, quiet in the mornings, and most/some of the staff is always smiling. Not all places are perfect I always try to remember that.
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George Picay
I sat in the drive through waiting 30 minutes for a cravings box and a power bowl. No joke 30 minutes because I was texting my gf about how long the wait was at the time. I’m surprised the guy behind me didn’t think at me for having to sit there. And when I finally got the food they were missing half the ingredients that are supposed to go in the power bowl. I actively avoid the taco bell now and go to a different location
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Jessica Matyas
This place is always pretty good, usually go here a couple times a month, today I was disappointed, unfortunately. Mexican pizza is not all that its cracked up to be. It tasted like old oil. I can’t get this taste out of my mouth.. Never again. This location is less that a mile from my office so I will return, but please work on quality control.
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Looney Tunes
Idk if it’s just me or lots of places lost there care for their food. Like this place, I used to go to the one on Bell and the 303, but they started to fall off, so I gave this restaurant a try 4 times, and it does no justice. I don’t understand why some people just don’t care about the quality and see things just as a paycheck. I work hard for my money as well to spend it on this food. If I was able to go back there and make my own food, I would still pay for it full price, but at least I know it will be done right. Like I said, I just don’t understand why no one cares no more about what they put out there. But I mean as long as people buy it they will always make it the same way. I won’t be back to this restaurant. I gave it a good try!
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Barbara Seifert
I place my orders on your app and pick up so I don’t have to wait. The last 2 times I specifically pointed out that I changed the hard taco for a soft taco supreme and pay extra to swap. I never got a soft taco supreme but just a soft taco.
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Jose Ramos
Visited around 2:45pm 7/17/2023. Sat at drive thru for over 5min, I spoke several times and no one answered. Drove up to the window and the employee said he had the headset off. That if I wanted to ordered I couldn’t at the window, needed to go all around to the drive thru again behind everyone else because it was against policy to take an order at the window. Asked for a manager and he said it was him, and that he was not going to attend me and shut the window. I made signals and honked for him to open window for corporates phone number and was completely ignored.
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Oohhh Foook
Don’t even bother it’s just got worse and worse . 2 lady’s up front are really nice .. but the orders are never correct .. it’s either a completely wrong order or it’s half your order and half someone else’s .. one time I got some beefy melts .. was literally just rice and Fritos .. nothing else.. all 4 .. 1/4 the size of an actual burrito . Do yourself a favor and just got to the 303 and bell . That place is great worth the drive .
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Kristine Haidet
I just waited $25 minutes for cold food because of ONE car in front of me. Basic drive thru: if one car is going to take extra long, send them to the parking lot so you can service the other car.
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Cam (Dracolitch)
This location consistently nails it! I only have it 4 stars because it is still taco bell. But this location is fast and curtious every time, unlike the one on bell. I’ve pretmuch quit eating out since it’s usually super long waits and inaccurate orders all the time. Thx y’all
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Darrin Y.
The food was very good and the service was quick and very friendly. I ate inside and it was well stocked with condiments and very clean.
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