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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 901 Highway 301 in Wilson. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online or on the mobile app for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No delivery Taco Bell 27893

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Address: 901 US-301, Wilson, NC 27893

Phone: (252) 399-1118



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Veruca Moon
The parking lot and drive thru were clean and debris free. The fence surrounding the dumpster was actually closed for once. I had to repeat my order at the speaker 4 times before they realized I wanted 2 of the same thing as they kept repeating the price of a single item. I had to wait 13 minutes after paying to receive my order. I ordered 2 of the deluxe boxes for 7.99. I was handed the boxes with mashed up sauce packets in a napkin. The soda tasted like 2 or 3 flavors mixed together and it was disgusting. I was not given a bag. I asked for hot and fire but received mild. The boxes did not feel warm from underneath. I watched people that ordered after me get their food before me, even though I ordered what I thought was the popular menu item. The boxes looked neat aside from random tomatoes and meat pieces on top of the wrappers. The Doritos loco taco looked pretty standard aside from lack of cheese and it already being split and greasy at the bottom. Biting into the Doritos loco taco I immediately smelled and tasted something rotten and it did not taste like Doritos and it was cold. It was obviously very old. I had to throw that in the trash. The beefy 5 layer was more like a 3 layer. It had a few beans, a little mystery meat and cheese. There was a slight hint of sour cream. Im unsure of what the other layers were supposed to consist of, but it was unimpressive and did not taste like the other 5 layer burritos I have had from other taco bell locations. I probably will not be stopping here the next time I travel via US HWY 301. I will say that the lady that took my money and handed me the change was nice and we joked about how good the Verde sauce was and we both wished taco bell would bring it back. EDIT: after eating and leaving a friends house, I made it a third of the way to Raleigh on 264 before I had to pull over and throw up. NEVER EATING HERE EVER AGAIN
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michael youngbar
Staff was excellent on 10 June 2023. I had a relatively large order, and it came out quick. Everything tasted great as well. Everyone there was friendly.
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Jane Doe
Didn’t take long to get order! Food was good
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Josh Lewis
My wife and I walked in and waited a while for our order to be taken, once our order was taken it was not very much it took a while for our food to be finished. Then employees where careless with the packing of the food and everything was thrown in the bag. My wife ordered ONE thing from Taco Bell and the rest of our order was from KFC. ALL of the KFC was in the bag but that was it. Not her Taco Bell. When we called in to let them know that we are missing a part of our order they where very rude and said we needed to come in that night and get the rest when we live 20mins from the location and gas isn’t cheap.
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Shana Faison
Very nice and respectful young black queens
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shannel taybron
I stopped here to simply get nacho fries which came to $1.59. I gave the guy $5.59 and waited for my $4 that never came. He handed me the fries and said thank you and have a good day.
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Tall Spike
Never open full length of posted hours. Used to be open even longer and earlier. Realistically if you want to catch them open your choice is basically at lunch time. Even then make sure you check your bag before you go because they almost always either short you or give you the wrong order.
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scottie casey
Walked in and was kicked right out. Not asked to leave. Told to just flat out get out. And I quote. No mask you can keep stepping. Never give me a chance to explain that i have a reason for not wearing one. Worst place ever. I will be call Corp. And letting them know how i was treated.
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Madison DiBenedetto
The lady running the drive through was completely rude. And when leaving was told we could go kill ourselfs screamed through the window. Completely nasty workers in there with nasty attitudes. Need
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Roger Kidd
Terrible experience, really rude staff. I was stuck waiting for my cold food for over an hour. Would not recommend anyone so there
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