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Your local Rosamond Subway® Restaurant, located at 2559 Rosamond Blvd brings new bold flavors along with old favorites to satisfied guests every day. We deliver these mouth-watering flavors with our famous Footlongs, 6” sandwiches, wraps and salads. And we offer a variety of ways to order—quick and easy in the app or online, convenient delivery, come into your neighborhood shop for an in-restaurant meal, or pick up curbside. We’re proud to offer a change from same old fast food with fresh cut veggies and toppings with protein choices, fresh-baked bread and let’s not forget cookies! And we’re happy to help you with any catering needs as well.

Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ Delivery Subway 93560



Address and Contact Information

Address: 2559 Rosamond Blvd A, Rosamond, CA 93560

Phone: (661) 256-4246


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The bendy fam
Usually they have good service, however why would you only have 2 employees one who you can tell is new because is moving like a snail they didn’t give me the toy that goes with the kids meal but other than that it’s ok
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Aleyda Chacon
An hour ago my friend and i arrived to subway in Rosamond and all we saw was this girl Felicia a “worker” just pass every single order to her coworker leaving him to do all the doordash orders and the walk in orders too, she was just waiting for the other orders and they needed to fill up the line and he was doing all the work going back and forth trying to fill the line and do all the orders, she was careless about sanitation pulling her pants up with the gloves she was using to prepare the sandwiches her shirts was up you could see her back, i didn’t see her change her gloves once….!!!while her coworker changed his every time he made a new order…..he is a hard working Hispanic guy doing his best to get the job done while Felicia is just doing the minimal effort …he is a great hard working man while she is a lazy woman doing nothing and getting payed for it. It is not fair that there is people working harder than others while they are being lazy we all need the money and all need to put the effort to earn it.
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Isaac Martinez
Staff is lovely friendly and hard working. Clean restaurant cool refreshing drinks and sandwiches. I would work there because is like a nice quiet spot. People are kind and they say hi… again amazing staff. 4.5 because is a bit small.
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Lee Rodriguez
After a long day at work I went to Subway to get me a sandwich while waiting in line a lady thought it would be OK to go straight to the front of the line and order cookies drink and whatever else she ordered. I asked her if it was OK to cut line? when the sandwich technician said it was OK for her to cut line. While they took care of her order my sandwich was sitting out getting cold, again the subway Sandwich tech continue to address me telling me he gives the same attitude to people that comes into Subway. I really enjoy my subway, I just didn’t enjoy the attitude the employees had today (9/8/2021).
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Tia westbrook
The team doesn’t know how to inform customers who order online that they are out of items. Then to tell a customer they can’t get their money back is a definite nono. Employee didn’t notify me there were no more cookies then told me I couldn’t get my money back. That’s bad for business all the way.
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This is our town subway, and it’s a very nice place to stop by if your hungry in rosamond. The staff here are timely and professional. the sandwiches are top notch, and the store is clean and presentable. One of the nicest subways I’ve ever visited, highly recommend for people passing through, or just hungry.
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I lost my appetite pretty fast when the employee making my sandwich had half of his plumber’s crack hanging out for the entire line to see each time he bent over to get bread.
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