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Your local Los Angeles Subway® Restaurant, located at 3274 W Slauson Ave brings new bold flavors along with old favorites to satisfied guests every day. We deliver these mouth-watering flavors with our famous Footlongs, 6” sandwiches, wraps and salads. And we offer a variety of ways to order—quick and easy in the app or online, convenient delivery, come into your neighborhood shop for an in-restaurant meal, or pick up curbside. We’re proud to offer a change from same old fast food with fresh cut veggies and toppings with protein choices, fresh-baked bread and let’s not forget cookies! And we’re happy to help you with any catering needs as well.

Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ Delivery Subway 90043



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Address: 3274 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

Phone: (323) 296-0996


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Collette Darby
Ordered online and DoorDash delivered the wrong items tried calling Resturaunt but no one picked up called until closing time the sandwich looked old not fresh, missing soda and side items I want a refund. Please never order close to closing they won’t do a good job and your food/sandwich won’t be fresh
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Mario Moreno
Shout outs to Antonio. I was there today & this gentleman was so professional going out of his way to serve a customer. Antonio is a great person & this world needs more of Antonios. Hopefully Subway appreciates him as i did today. Great job brother. Keep up the good work & customer service….. 2/15/2022 @ 4pm
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Cassie E
My husband got the gluten free wrap for me, which I didnt have a problem with. The problem is the Veggie Pattie!! How can it be vegan it has egg, soy, wheat, milk??? Really disappointing. Especially if one cannot eat this, has an adverse reaction to it. I do not know if you all have other options which are actually vegan, as Veggie Pattie is very misleading.
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I went in at 9pm sunday and the server did not have a mask on. I had to repeat my order many times and he couldn’t remember the sandwiches just made for me
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Cege Rivas
Today, Thursday 14, 2019. Around 7:40pm There was a line that we waited around 45mins. And they only had one person working name “Lucy” which she was very helpful/professional. It’s unfair to only have one single person working for the entire restaurant, just to save money and make us wait just to get a sandwich wow. I can tell she needed help badly because you can’t run a restaurant all alone. I gave it 3 star just because of the lady trying her best to help everyone in line. She definitely deserves a 5 Star but who ever is running that restaurant is very unprofessional/unfair.
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Plan on Ann
Call them to ask a question they hung up in my face. I was calm polite waited for them to say their script and when I asked my question they hang up. I went to another Subway after calling and getting my question answered. Don’t you hear if he don’t have to they have issues they need to get to the bottom of.
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Esteban Garagarza
This establishment has an extremely rude employee. We told her we needed minute and this lady gave us a rude expression and threw the utensils on the floor. Don’t buy here
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Arvella Morris
The one on Slauson and Crenshaw is really good, they are just very busy. They need to be updated inside like alot of others. It’s a shame their not. They definitely give great service and work hard enough for it.
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Xochitl Perez
I was stopping by to grab lunch to-go and I’ve never really had a problem w Subway until today. First off, the lady serving me (“Kisha” according to her nametag) was very rude. Right off the bat she gave attitude when asking what kind of sub. Then when it came down to charging me, I told her I wanted a combo and she charged me incorrectly then had to correct it again, still giving me the wrong change so it was even more of a hold up waiting for her to fix her error and give me the right change. But that wasn’t the end of it, oh no. When I got home I realized she gave me the wrong sub! I called like 4-5 times before anyone answered which was a little fustrating. They told me to go back to get the sub I ordered in the first place. I went back and she just handed me my sub without apologizing for the inconvinience or anything. I was a little upset that she didn’t even want to warm it up again because it had gotten cold so I just asked her if she can re do my whole sub again. Rolling her eyes at me, she did so. When it was time to hand me my correct sub, she manhandled it and squished it anyway she could completely ruining my sub again. Annoyed, I just left and I’m not coming back here again. They normally have good customer service but I guess this Kisha lady was not having it. And they lost a loyal customer at that location due to her.
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Billy Valdez-Palacios
honestly not a bad place to eat at, & definitely a break from all the greasy, fatty, unhealthy, heart-artery-clogging fast food places found around the area. i actually am impressed that theyd even consider a very make-it-yourself type of food place here, with the reputation that south central locals have.. i wouldnt be surprised to hear crazy, rude people come in & unload their frustration on the employees who arrive just to make a living.. if the employees seem rude, who knows what theyve had to go through. it’s basically the ghetto, so.. idk. niceness is always reciprocated, why ruin someone’s day by acting above them.. smh
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