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Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ Delivery Subway 53214



Address and Contact Information

Address: 6736 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, WI 53214

Phone: (414) 988-6438


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Paul Juno
Gave up on Burger King and decided to give subway a try. Staff was friendly and quick. The lettuce was a little brown, that prevents me from giving it a five star rating. But sandwich was still good.
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G Antetokounmpo
The sandwich was absolutely fantastic, this is definitely Michelin rated dining I vow to return. Below I have attached a delightful snapshot of yours truly indulging in this succulent cuisine.
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Alex Edmont
Good location and parking. Friendly staff, clean, good sub preparation. AC is pleasant addition on a hot day.I did enjoyed my tuna.
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Janette Sanchez
They have the restaurant real clean and so big, (like roomy) lots of space. My server was great, he even gave me an application to apply for a job there. Thank you.
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Angela Ulbrich (Angie)
Great Clean Restaurant… I always get what I order exactly and no problems!
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Alisa Burdick
I ordered breakfast as my favorite sub is a steak egg and cheese on flatbread. I order the footlong. It is always so good. They changed the egg! It’s like the eggs on a mcmuffin. I don’t hate this change. I actually like it. Anyway, the staff were friendly and I started talking about vegetables people put on a breakfast sub. For the record, I’m vehemently anti veggies with eggs. The younger gentleman was very kind and both made me feel welcome.
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Rushi Patel
This was one of the nicest looking and tasting sandwiches I’ve had from any subway. They are generous with their toppings.
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Brooks Hay
I used to love this location. Until today. I don’t know his name, but he is the shorter employee with darker hair. I am not pleased with how he, for one, was asking me about things that had nothing to do with my sandwich, but also, I didn’t really enjoy how he was rude and unpleasant to his coworker when it came time to make his sandwich for his break. The long line of customers behind me should’ve been warrant enough to hold off on your sandwich and let the paying customers go first. I have no problem driving further to a different location if that’s how rude they’re going to be.
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joshua land
Delicious! Not just did it taste fresh, have clean seating in the restaurant and be plenty flavorful, but it was put together perfect. To many mash up your sandwich and that’s not the case here. Definitely recommend!
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KenoConsin Photography
Customer service was terrible and rude. I had went in there for 2 plastic forks and when I asked after they had taken the Customers order they looked at each other and then the guy told me I had to get in line just to turn around and hand me 2 forks that I’d pay for. I also asked the lady who wasn’t helping anyone and said. ” I need to wait in line for 2 forks” and the man said yeah. NEVER GOING BACK
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