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For more than 60 years, SONIC, America’s Drive-In has built the ultimate dining experience with our drive-in restaurants and we proudly serve our guests in Quitman,AR. We did it by sticking to what made drive-ins so popular in the first place: made-to-order American classics, signature menu items, and speedy service from friendly Carhops full of fun and personality. Cruise on over to us at 6250 Heber Springs Road West for the ultimate SONIC experience!

Fast-food burger & fries joint with an old-school feel, including retro drive-in service.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No delivery Sonic Drive-In 72131


Friday6 AM–11 PM
Saturday6 AM–11 PM
Sunday7 AM–10:30 PM
(Labor Day)
6 AM–10:30 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday6 AM–10:30 PM
Wednesday6 AM–10:30 PM
Thursday6 AM–10:30 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 6250 Heber Springs Rd W, Quitman, AR 72131

Phone: (501) 589-2380


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Jacquline Litchfield
If could less than one star for service and atmosphere I would. We are in the middle of moving its 99 degrees, we swung into the Sonic in Quitman and got our usual order. When ordering on the app it DOES NOT give the option to turn an orange Fanta w needs into a slush nor does it give the option to add redbull to it. So, like we’ve done at countless other Sonics I pushed the red button to request the Fanta be made a slush and asked for red bull to be added. Holly Hanna!!! You’d think it was a Federal case. The GM came out was over talking, arguing with, and would barely let me speak. I asked her more than once to stop and to stop yelling at me. She said she wasn’t, I told her she was extremely loud and asked her to please stop. Finally after getting mad I was like are you just going to continue argue or can we please have some resolution. Bc at this point litterally we were just trying to get the needs I ordered. She finally sent them out. Not a great first impression of the area we have moved into at all. We won’t be back! And the worst part of her acting a fool is that she did so in front of my disabled son! Which I pointed out to her and her behavior showed she didn’t care. I called to speak to the owner and wasn’t allowed to even find out how to talk to him. Smh not at all impressed.
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Ruby Jenkins
I guess it just depends on how a person’s day is going for them. I saw a really sweet smile on one of the girls, every time she came out. Another one was friendly enough she seemed, but the one that brought me my food, seemed to just be there. Like,”I’m just doing my job and that’s all.” She didn’t say that of course, but it’s the way she seemed.
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I ordered a cookie dough blast with extra cookie dough today and they only put a little bit of cookie dough on top and there was nothing else in the ice cream. I paid extra for more cookie dough but got nothing so I am extremely disappointed.
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Karen Price (kaykay)
Very good, I don’t know if the car hop prepared my food but they forgot to leave the ketchup off of my sister’s Burger. Other then that the car hop did an excellent job. I do believe she was rather new at her job, and I just wanted to give her props for the fact that, I have visited Sonic drive in’s all across this state and it is rare that I do not find myself having to ask my car hop for napkins. To my complete delight , I looked into the bag to check the food and there they were, the napkins . Hands up newbie. Even seasoned employees and managers forget to give me napkins on a regular basis. So I have to say my experience in Quitman Arkansas, at the local “Sonic Drive In” deserves four job p s and I am happy to announce, I now have a Favorite “Sonic Drive In Quitman’s Sonic ,is hands down my favorite. Good Food pleasant respectful customer service and the IceCream, *yum yum give me some*, is the creamiest sweetest just frozenly cold enough that any of the one of us can enjoy a good old fashion brain freeze
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Rob Hawkins
Probably the best Sonic I’ve been to. Every time I come here the service is fast, the order is correct and everyone is really nice and happy to serve you.
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Brittney Flowers
Went thru the drive thru, very slow but my chicken sandwich was hot. We tried some 1/2 priced slushes and they were great!
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Randy Ivy
I can’t remember the last time they got my order right I have to check every little thing before I leave and then they have attitude when you make them make it right idk who the higher ups there are but they need to seriously consider hiring mature people who actually care about doing there job properly instead of the immature teens they keep on staff
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Jake Miller
I’ve had excellent experiences here, however tonight was not one of them. Food came out incorrectly, I felt like a bother when I asked for the correct order, the drinks were medium after paid for a large, and the tater tots were inedible I actually gave them back to the server to throw away for me, I didn’t even want a refund I just wanted to leave. Things seemed disheveled and not like I’m used to when I come here.
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Frances Hollars
I ordered a fried steak sandwich it wasn’t fit to eat. The bun was burnt the steak was way over cooked.
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Lauri High prairie
Quitman has a Sonic. Rose Bud does not. With no drive through available in Rbud, a ten mile drive to a Sonic can seem indulgent. For a corn dog or a drink ,maybe . If you get a steak and bacon grilled cheese,, you won’t feel guilt I assure you. Totally worth the drive is it totally worth five dollars? For a sandwich? Yup . It’s pretty dang fabulous, and I do not love onions but they used sweet onions and crispy bacon real bacon not bits.
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