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For more than 60 years, SONIC, America’s Drive-In has built the ultimate dining experience with our drive-in restaurants and we proudly serve our guests in Manassas,VA. We did it by sticking to what made drive-ins so popular in the first place: made-to-order American classics, signature menu items, and speedy service from friendly Carhops full of fun and personality. Cruise on over to us at 10850 Promenade Lane for the ultimate SONIC experience!

Fast-food burger & fries joint with an old-school feel, including retro drive-in service.

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Address: 10850 Promenade Ln, Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: (571) 719-3920



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Critical Chris
This was my first time ever trying Sonic. I would have liked to have dined inside, but of February, 2022, their inside still hasn’t reopened to the public. You also can’t enter the restaurant to place an order. So, I ordered on the app, and parked in the appropriate stall, and waited 20 minutes at a time in the mid morning when there was very little customer traffic here. After an entire 20 minutes of waiting, I finally called their phone, and there was no answer. So I went to their drive in lane and checked in. After a few more minutes of waiting, I received my food from a friendly person who seemed to say the place isn’t staffed very well.
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Gyeyock F
The slowest drive through experience I’ve had in a while, was right behind just one person at the pick up, and it took a while to be attended to. Granted, soon as I got over the window, I received my order almost instantly. And before that, while I placed a single order, I requested to add one more item and the attendant wouldn’t respond, thought I wasn’t loud enough at first but realized soon enough I was being ignored.
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Nikk McAndrews
All the guys at work kept telling me “You’ve never been to SONIC?! You’ve gotta try SONIC!! I can’t believe you haven’t gone!” So, one of the guys decided he’d go pick it up for us…… I asked them all what they usually got and nobody could give me a straight answer – so i started asking about the food items one-by-one “well, what’d you think of the burgers?” – “they’re alright.. not great” … Fried chicken foods are usually all the same… I’ve heard their mozzarella sticks are amazing, but you HAVE to have them in-person, not transported.
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Gisela Hernandez
I spent 30 minutes waiting for them to bring my meal out which they never came, I told them that I was here to two different employees and yet nothing was done. I told him that it was ridiculous that I was waiting for such a long time and once I got my meal it wasn’t even warm it was cold. Along with the fact that my bun for my burger was burnt. My overall experience here was horrible and I do not recommend it to other people they are super understaffed so they can get things done in time and communication is bad.
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Annika Terrell
Horrible layout. 5 normal stalls that were all marked as unusable, a drive through with a huge line, an inside area that is closed, and a very small + confusing parking lot. We parked at a stall before a sign was put up and an employee walked up to us, pointed at us, shook their head and said “drive-through”. After we didn’t start moving ASAP they again shook their head and said “drive-through” as if we were not comprehending. Couldn’t use any of the deals on the app since we couldn’t order ahead. This Sonic is not in a convenient area so we still hopped in the drive through for some drinks. When we got up to the window and placed our order we were informed they were not doing anything ice cream related and had to quickly change our order. We fully understand that patience is running thin and employees are limited, we deal with that at our jobs too, but the overall visit was a long list of interesting events.
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v wheeler
This review is not about the food but about Ty a server there. Just about every time I stop in to this Sonic he is always the only one working the front orders. Today was no different. He looked a bit wearier than normal and I could understand why. A frustrated customer started going at him about how long she was waiting. I knew the wait would be a little while and I only ordered 1 item. I didn’t get out of my car and go inside like several patrons did – just waited. I saw a young girl working the front but then she went inside and didn’t come back out. Then I saw Ty, and asked him if I was in the right parking space be the assigned poles were gone. I wasn’t but he asked me what my orders details were abs said no problem. He was so kind as always. He delivered a couple more orders, dealt with the irate patron and graciously brought my drink.
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Marco Gallologic
Unfortunately the closest Sonic to me. I only make it near this Sonic every couple of months. I used to be excited to grab lunch, here but no more. The last three visits have not only been disappointing but have actually cheated me (overcharge). Today was the last time I will visit this location. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger with Jalapeños. Since I was in the drive through I did not notice the lack of bacon and jalapeños until I was too far away to be worth driving back. It is a shame, I used to think Sonic was better than the other fast food joints. Guess this location at least, quickly caught up in the race to the bottom.
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Kodie Lake
Probably one of the worst quality hot dogs I’ve ever eaten. The app is wonky, causing us to deselect items we actually wanted. Don’t order any of the toppings. They’re not fresh. The onions tasted rancid. Will not be going back to this location. DO NOT BLAME THE STAFF. THEY WERE FANTASTIC. Fix the inner workings of the store and quality of ingredients.
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samuel crawford
Great service! However, please step up your ice coffee game! I got served ice water with a little creamer in it. A $3.79 ice coffee should have some coffee, some decent flavor and be worth the price. I am very disappointed , Sonic is supposed to be known for their beverages.. RIGHT?
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Tabitha Romano
That mangled overcooked mess is what was supposed to be onion rings. I tried to find one edible one in the bunch, but they were just a bunch of chewy rubber dog toys. The chili cheese dog was nothing to write home about. I would have given only one star if not for the pleasant service worker that provided my meal. This was during lunch time. I might expect something to be overcooked during off hours, but lunch time I expect everything hot, fresh, and bare minimum, edible.
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