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Longtime dining room dishing out traditional Italian dishes & pizzas in a comfortable BYOB setting.

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Address: 564 Franklin Ave, Nutley, NJ 07110

Phone: (973) 235-1130

Website: http://www.ralphspizzeria.com/

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Ralph’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

We are proud of our many awards including New Jersey Monthly’s “25 Best Pizzas in New Jersey and “Critics Choice” … 564 Franklin Avenue Nutley NJ 07110.

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Ralph’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzaria

Ralph’s Pizza in East Rutherford is here to serve your fine Italian cuisine. Made from fresh ingredients, our food has been pleasing customers for over 40 …


Paige Palmer
One of the best pizza places around! Ralphs does not deliver but I am willing to drive out of my way to pick up… it’s that good ! The place never disappoints.. my favorite is the thin crust .
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I have been a proud supporter of Ralph’s for over 5 years. Let me tell you, I have never had pizza like Ralph’s before. You can say service isn’t the best, but it’s worth it in the end. I love. Ralph’s! When I eat a slice of their pizza, I feel whole again. It is the slice to complete my pie. It is cooked always the way I like and is constantly consistent. I never thought pizza could make me feel this way, but Ralph’s does. Whenever I eat it feel a wave of euphoria. If you are debating on whether or not to eat here, the answer eat here! Love you Ralph’s!!
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Vladimir Basilio
To be serve a cold pizza with basically a open can of pineapple just thrown on top even a 2 year old could have done that. The fact that I waited and serve cold its speechless. dont let me start with customer service that young lady was terrible but im not going to go in with details on that this become a essay. Very disappointing.
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Thomas Rotter
This is definitely worth the visit. I had a well done pizza with sausage. First bite I didn’t like but that is because my brain needed time to adjust. The sauce is different somehow (in a good way). Kind of like a welcome hug from someone you know you know but you just can’t place where you know them from. But it is comforting and sort of nostalgic. The sausage crumbles were fantastic. I would like to go here again!!!
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Mark Morgan
I visited this place for the first time. My neighbor likes this place and told me to try it out. I got a thin crust sausage pizza. One of the servers also gave me a slice of Buffalo chicken pizza. It was spicy and good. Most of the pizzas are well done. So if you like pizza a little extra crispy, this is the place for you. This place does a lot of business, so I suggest you call ahead to place an order for pick up.I plan making another trip in the future. This place is rated as one of NJ’s best.
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Food and service are excellent! I can not rave enough about Ralph’s. Held
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Jeff B
I consider myself a pizza connoisseur and Ralph’s ranks at high on my NJ pizza list. Nice thin crust with very good ingredients. Understands not to under cook the pizza. Very friendly and hard working staff. Worth the trip.
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Billy Lats
I am blown away. That had to be some of the best Pizza I have ever had in my life.
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Rafael “Ralph” Gonzalez
I was invited by a friend, and was looking forward to tasting their pizza. I wasn’t impressed. We had burnt pieces on top of our pie, the sauce was watered down and not tasty. Need more drink options for a dine-in experience (the pizza parlor, not the restaurant). I like the portion. It is perfect for two people. However, it is too expensive for the quality. Also, a 4% CC charge. Like really? Make the customer cover your CC charges??? Loved the name of the place!
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Asa Sadler
You will see several reviews about the customer service on here and they arnt wrong. Not very friendly at all. Don’t forget your order number (not your name or phone number) or else the lady at the register will give you attitude. Customer service: 1-2 stars. The pie is good. It’s a 4 star pie every day of the week. Just don’t expect good service. I’ve had worse pizza that I would go back to get just because the staff was welcoming and friendly. There would be lines down the street if there was better service. Great pizza, poor customer service.
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