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Fast Foodies Know The Deal™. Rally’s serves up world-famous seasoned fries, bold burgers, creamy shakes, and more. BOLD SINCE BURGER #1, Rally’s restaurants were born out of the idea that a bland and flavorless burger was downright wrong. Americans everywhere deserve a better tasting burger — one that is unexpectedly bold, made-to-order and priced at a value that was hard to beat. Visit Rally’s at 3800 South Hamilton Road in Groveport.

Restaurant serving fast-food classics like burgers, hot dogs, french fries & shakes.

✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Rally's 43125


Wednesday10 AM–2 AM
Thursday10 AM–2 AM
Friday10 AM–2 AM
Saturday10 AM–2 AM
Sunday10 AM–2 AM
Monday10 AM–2 AM
Tuesday10 AM–2 AM

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Address: 3800 S Hamilton Rd, Groveport, OH 43125

Phone: (614) 441-7734



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Mighty Quinn
Went through the drive thru so atmosphere doesn’t count. My orders are always correct and food is always hot, unlike that place the the arches down the road a little.
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Anna Young
I’ve never received an order that was right. It’s either missing something or an added item that was not ordered. I prefer to receive what I ordered not the order of the car behind me. Also do not hand me my bag of food that I just saw you hand to the car in front of me and then take it back and still give it to me.
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Aaron Williamson
No longer a good place. The food is just not good anymore, and I used to order from Rally’s for years!
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Daleo Eaton
It is nearly impossible to make proper orders with the AI ordering system. It won’t stop suggesting food items and it cannot properly hear you. Unfortunately, I had to stop going because my order was never right.
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Eric Savage
There thing takin orders is a robot I waited 25 min in line and after the robot gave us our total we got to the window and they let us know they. Wasn’t serving ice cream at that time after waiting 25 min in a line
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Elke B
Food was good, popcorn chicken was mostly breading, paid for cheese on my burger but didn’t receive it.
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steeler gang
Had the double fish sandwich..and it was very very delicious ..I’ll definitely have another and recommend everyone to try!
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Nathan Cole
Love rallies I miss them having 2 Drive thru’s now that’s the one thing I will say I didn’t like all the way the drive-through is made for you to get stuck in the line. Not to say I was going to leave I’m definitely Was gonna stay for my fries but for anyone else Just remember if you go to this rallies and you order you’re not getting out of that drive-thru until you get your food
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The food is always good and cheap, but when you see someone sweeping the floor, then they immediately take your cash, then make your food and drinks and sundae, without putting on gloves, or washing their hands… it kinda puts ya off…
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Fast food at its best, super convenient, they are open when you need them. Fries can’t be beat!!
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