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Fast Foodies Know The Deal™. Rally’s serves up world-famous seasoned fries, bold burgers, creamy shakes, and more. BOLD SINCE BURGER #1, Rally’s restaurants were born out of the idea that a bland and flavorless burger was downright wrong. Americans everywhere deserve a better tasting burger — one that is unexpectedly bold, made-to-order and priced at a value that was hard to beat. Visit Rally’s at 3800 South Hamilton Road in Groveport.

Restaurant serving fast-food classics like burgers, hot dogs, french fries & shakes.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 3800 S Hamilton Rd, Groveport, OH 43125

Phone: (614) 441-7734

Website: https://locations.rallys.com/oh/groveport/3800-south-hamilton-road?y_source=1_MjA0MDYxNTItNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

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steeler gang
Had the double fish sandwich..and it was very very delicious ..I’ll definitely have another and recommend everyone to try!
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This was my first trip here since they opened. While they were out of certain things the food was still good. My last job was part of the supply chain for fast food restaurants so I understand them being out of things..
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Brian Blackburn
Crew there was awesome! We told him our order, and without writing it down he recited it exactly! Food came out fresh and hot. Hamilton road south of Winchester, great service. Thanks for a great experience.
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Spencer Rands
First time having Rallys, and it did not disappoint!It’s fast food, so my expectations were for it to be like McDonald’s, but it was way better than I expected. Pleasantly surprised!
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Mariah Strausbaugh
Their food is always good and no matter what time we go there they are always friendly and helpful. And their ice cream machine is rarely down.. haha
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Matthew McComb
2nd time trying this place for lunch at work and there won’t be a 3rd. I think a used tire with 40k miles would have had better flavor and not as hard to chew. The Gobi desert of cheeseburgers. Amazing how it could be so cold AND so dry. Steer clear unless your a fan of wasting your money on unedible “food”. Service wasn’t bad so there’s that at least.
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QueenB Scholar
Tiffany is always professional and courteous! Tina and Tiffany provided excellent customer service. I would recommend providing the store number online for those that do not have a receipt handy. I would definitely recommend the S. Hamilton Rd., Groveport location.
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Paul Byer
My wife and I split the Baconzilla Combo. The bacon is always crispy at this Rally’s. It was quick service and everything was hot and fresh.
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Amy Mooney
At first glance the line was pretty long but it ended up being very quick. Before I knew it we were being handed our food. We had a few coupons we wanted to use and the new employee was a bit confused, but nothing that the manager couldn’t fix. Thumbs up!
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Common Commodity
Register’s are down? This is the year 2021? I could understand a limited menu for New Years Eve. I even agree being closed (burger King, Wendy’s). However, to have the lights on, and appear to be open wastes people time. I would never expect this from a brand new Rally. Thank heavens for White Castle & McDonald’s/ other venues welcoming patrons…
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