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At Peter Piper Pizza we serve delicious pizza, with made-from-scratch dough and fresh hand-chopped ingredients, salads, pastas, wings and desserts in an environment that’s fun for the whole family. We feature the latest and greatest games, free Wi-Fi, big screen TVs and beer and wine for the grown-ups. It all adds up to the fun kids love and the food families crave! Discover how much fun your family can have by spending time together at Peter Piper Pizza. Pizza made fresh. Families made happy.

Lively, kid-oriented chain featuring pizza & wings along with dozens of arcade games.

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Address: 3109 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: (505) 884-1616


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Peter Piper Pizza® Paradise & Golf Course Rd.

… us for family night of pizza & fun or a birthday celebration, everyone will leave smiling. Visit us at Peter Piper Pizza located at Albuquerque, NM .

Peter Piper Pizza® Central & Altrisco

… us for family night of pizza & fun or a birthday celebration, everyone will leave smiling. Visit us at Peter Piper Pizza located at Albuquerque, NM .

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Shannon Ninham
We ordered and after 25 mins thought maybe we weren’t hearing them call us, she said the wait is 45 mins. We went back at 40 mins and our food was just sitting there and cold. The speaker system is cheap and sucks, the games are loud so good luck hearing them call you unless you wanna stand and wait. After paying $100 for pizza and we get it cold?! The games were OK, alot of machines weren’t working, it would take points from the card then just say “tap to play” so we would tap again then it would work. There wasn’t a worker at the prize station when we needed a bandaid and no one was around and ppl were just standing and waiting for about 20 minutes. Finally when we were ready to claim our prizes, again no worker around so I went to the front to ask for someone to help me and several other families with prizes. The lady came 10 minutes later and wasn’t friendly at all, she acted like we were annoying her when my kids were picking thier prizes. So…not really a good experience. We spent $160 there and the service was just terrible in more ways than one.
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Alivia Wood
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Byron BlueEyes
I loved eating here. I eat there everytime I’m in albuquerque as I don’t have one where I live. This last time on 6/26 there was this girl who took my order over the phone, it took her many long, long pauses to take my order, 15 total minutes. Very uncalled for. And when I got there she ignored me in the “to-go” or “take-out” line after 3 customers in the other line she finally looked at me and so I spoke up, i have a call-in order. The other customers in line were upset to what they perceived as me cutting into the line, so as the lady to my right looked at me with HATE i figured she as the employee would intervene would tell the female customer im next. She just watches me explain to the upset customer which is not my duty. So when i finally was working with the cashier, she helped me and she spoke so low I couldn’t hear hear thru the plexiglass and the surrounding noise I asked her speak up and she got upset per her expression and started to yell. She also annoyed me by having her wearing her PPipers has so low by her eye she had to position her head up facing the ceiling to actually see the customers. There should be a dress code at such an establishment. Or how to properly wear uniform so the employee can assist the customer or appear to the customer as she TRYING to look at the menu above and not seem uncomfortable extending her neck way, WAY back to see the menu!!! It’s getting GHETTO there. The manager was standing next to the cashier and didn’t notice she wasn’t helping their own separate “to-go” line. As a manager there should be someone dedicated to that “to-go” line.
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Matthew Pohl
Understaffed. Y’all gotta get them boys some help in there. Other than that the Pizza is fantastic and basically makes you forgive them when you taste it imo.
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Nikki Arnold
I just wanted to make sure and thank the manager tonight as well as the 2 gentlemen behind the counter. Without any details, they took pity on me and helped me get the pizza I was craving. It tasted so amazing. Thank you so so so much.
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Becky M
I do Not recommend coming here!!!! Understaffed the whole place was a mess, not to mention the fountain drinks where out of service except for Pepsi & Mountain Dew. Also there was no napkins asked one of the employees for napkins she said “ we are out I’ll get you paper towels” I proceeded to ask for crushed peppers she also mentioned they didn’t have any. Definitely not coming back!!
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Brandy Stevens
Only left one star because I had to leave something. Friday night 7:30PM. Website says store closes at 11 however upon arriving with 5 hungry teens after a volleyball game we’re informed that They are no longer taking orders. Of any kind. There needs to be something somewhere that says they stop taking orders before 730 on a Friday night for those of us that had made plans and let down our children
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Abraham Valdez
Although severely understaffed, DeVonna did a great job holding down the fort. I’m sure there was another employee or 2 in the back, but she was the only one up front. She even went above & beyond and brought our pizza to our table. She deserves a raise!
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Lucretia Kenney
Gianni was a great help! He seemed to be covering many positions, but was very knowledgeable and helpful. 5 star service! Restrooms needed help though. Have a wonderful day!
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Gloria Garcia
We all liked when they had the cornmeal on the bottom of the pizza I guess they change the recipe sorry to say we probably won’t be back for quite some time they need bring back the old recipe
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