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We believe that fresh, made from scratch pizza that you bake at home is the perfect way to pizza. Order online and pick up in-store. We offer contactless pickup stations at our stores and delivery and curbside pickup where we can. Change The Way You Pizza.™ We accept EBT!

Chain outlet offering build-your-own takeaway pizzas, to be cooked at home.

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(Labor Day)
2–7 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday2–7 PM
Wednesday2–7 PM
Thursday2–7 PM
Friday2–7 PM
Saturday2–7 PM
Sunday2–7 PM

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Address: 2014 Jefferson Rd Suite A, Northfield, MN 55057

Phone: (507) 663-7272


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Lindsey Briskie
Hours are inconsistent, they do not answer the phone, they shut off mobile ordering capabilities. The food comes out decent every time if you are able to place an order.
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dove mitchell
Went in to see if they would prepare a gluten free pizza (for my celiac daughter) in the back with ingredients from the freezer that hadn’t been contaminated. It would have been as easy as a cheese pizza however they said they couldn’t do that. 3 other locations (Eagan, Rosemount, and until they closed Farmington locations do this for me whenever I go in). I get if you are too busy but to make an excuse that nothing is available is not true. It’s a wonderful gesture that the other Papa Murphy’s do to make sure customers can be safe and families can enjoy the same thing. The celiac community is a generous one with places who take that extra step. Very disappointed as I work in Northfield and would have loved to grab my daughters favorite pizza on the way home to surprise her. Maybe it just takes knowing someone or experiencing for yourself the frustration of not being able to get pizza because someone won’t just make a pizza in the back. Being included and feeling normal and not getting sick. One of the places she can eat if one person just says sure I can do that. You don’t have to change ingredients or make a fuss – just a few extra minutes means the world to a kid or family. I heard great things about Northfield and the people and outside my work this place hasn’t showed me that picture at all. Very disappointed.
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Ahnalee Hadley
Had a tough time getting take-out information out of the two workers when I arrived. It was my first time, I did not know the routine. They did not have a concern for that.
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Aaron Fauver
Up until now I have never had a problem with this location. But after my experience with the staff tonight, I will never step foot back in this store again.
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Dylan Richardson
I called and called with no answer to place my order. I wanted to make sure they were open as hours have been really hit or miss since covid. I finally got ahold of them after the 4th time calling. I went to pick up my order the sign said they close at 8pm I was there two min to eight on my cell phone. 5 min to eight via the strip mall sign. The door was locked when I got there there were 3 employees in there presumably preping for the next day. They pretended that I did not exist. All I had to do was pay. The customer service in this store is at a all time low. I hope they close this one down or new management takes it over and cleans house. I will take my business elsewhere.
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Agnes Johnson
The pizza here is good but the customer service of the employee’s is absolutely terrible. My husband just ordered a cowboy pizza on regular crust but after bringing it home, I pointed out to him that they actually gave us thin crust instead. Once we realize the mistake, he calls the store and talks to who we assume was the manager. My husband explains the mistake to her and she says that the order specified thing crust but he said to her that he did in fact specify original crust. He had to go back and forth with her to convince her that there was indeed a mistake. He then said “I realize we’re going back in forth over who said what, but I did order original crust.” The manager’s response to my husband was “well what do you want me to do about it?” She didn’t say I’m sorry, let me reconcile our mistake, instead her response was “What do you want me to do about it?” I told the lady that we didn’t receive what we ordered so they should do something. She then said that she could report the mistake to corporate and they would then send us an apology note and a coupon for a free pizza. So we’ll see if she actually does that or if she was just trying to get us off her back. My husband and I understand that mistakes happen so we are not upset over the mistake itself, but rather the poor customer service of the manager, the fact that she didn’t seem to believe my husband when he said there was a mistake, and that she didn’t seem apologetic over screwing up our order. Very poor customer service.
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This place is unbelievable,,no matter they have a revolving door for their help! I ordered online special with cheesy bread. When I got there, I asked about my order and kid pointed to a rack. I grabbed my pizzas, said hi to a co-worker who happened to be in there for a few minutes, then left. On way home I pulled over to realize I didn’t get my cheesy bread. I turned around calling them on the phone. Their phone was STILL ringing when I pulled up and went in. Told them I didn’t receive my cheesy bread and other kid said “you have to get it yourself over there”. Geez, they couldn’t TELL me that while I was in there!!!!????? Then I asked why they never pick up their phone as there was not ONE other person on there, just me and 2 younger men. WTH???
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Diane Sullivan
It’s nice to have a evening off from cooking, my spouse and I really enjoy the cowboy pizza, and I really like how the staff has no problem with Substitutes a item or two, it’s really enjoyable to smell the pizza bake at home. I highly recommend!
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Robert Buckingham
This location had lots of issues with wait times into the 90-minute range even calling 45 minutes ahead. Could not seem to keep the same staff from week to week. I took a year break by going to the New Prague location (great place BTW). Tried this location the other day. The order was okay, I can’t speak to the wait time as I ran 20 minutes late myself but it was ready. Toppings were a little sparse but nothing a few pepperonis from the fridge wouldn’t cover. However no cold 2-litre’s. In fact, they were warm as they are sitting on a rack in the sun. If I wanted warm pop, I could get it a Cub cheaper. I think that’ll do it for me with this location.
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Eric Koch
Manager treated my wife terribly. He complained multiple times about having to enter in the gift cards that we used to pay for our pizzas. The gal who took our order on the phone was also rude. I’m not sure they grasp the concept that their customers pay their wages. They have great pizza, but their customer service lately has been terrible.
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