Panda Express

  4.1 – 504 reviews  $ • Chinese restaurant

Fast-food chain for Chinese standards, including some health-conscious options.

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Address: 1802 19th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 930-9889


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Hilary Carnes
Ordered through Door Dash and wasn’t brought silverware or soy sauce. Also, the chicken was extremely fatty. Usually we love Panda Express so we’re very disappointed.
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Mr. George
The food was good, and the staff was very nice.
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H leu
Very consistent food. I ordered a dish that had to be replenished and cooked so I had to wait. The staff gave me a complimentary drink to quench my thirst for the yummy food I was about to receive.
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Manjari Das
Nice friendly staff and very clean restaurant with fast service and the amount is also a lot. Not at all oily and tastes good.
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Marvin Garay
Bad service and the close one hour before they say so in the website and on top of that you are limited to what they want to give you or serve you…. Never come back and will never recommend it
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Kenslo Russell
Maaaaannnn!! I love Panda Express,the choice of deliciousness is at your becken order ! I was minding my own business, when a sudden urge came over me! I could hear voices calling me … “saying Russell, Russell” “Panda, Panda” go get some vegetable rice, super greens, that sweet chicken, you know the one, beef broccoli, & Hawaii chicken,” next thing I knew, I was in my car heading to Panda Express!! Lol
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Bradford McGlone
Good food, good service. I had to come back to Panda Express because the entrees I wanted they were preparing more within 10 minutes.
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Ben Crochet
They open at 10am. 4 other people an i are already waiting and they only have fried rice ready.
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Nora Aflleje
There was a sign when you walked up to door that said 20% off sales today. I even took a picture of it. I was not greeted. There was hardly any food ready. The chicken egg rolls all looked burnt. The sesame chicken and orange chicken looked like it been sitting. They never smiled or even looked at me. The one lady took my son order then passed on to the cashier. She never even asked me my order and skipped to the next guy. The cashier asked is this all and I said no I’m ordering a plate. Then I was told I would have to wait 8 mins for the chow mein. When the chow main came out. The older lady skipped over me a 2nd time and filled another man order. That man walked into the bathroom and I finally put my plate order in. Then she said 1 more item. I said excuse me but I ordered 3 item plate. She said well what you want. I ordered my other 2 entrees and went to cashier. As I was getting cashed out I noticed she charged me for 3 plates. I SAID I only ordered 2 of the 3 item plates. The elderly lady then grabbed my bag looking mad and took the other plate out. I said thank you. The cashier apologized then rang me up. I said isn’t today 20% off she said no thats for businesses. I said oh ok. I walked outside looked at the sign and all it said was Fundraiser for today 20%off sales. So I called the number on receipt asked for manager. The elderly lady got on phone I asked her about the 20% off sign she said no thats only to hold the door open. I asked her its only to hold the door open she said yes. I said but the sign isn’t holding any door open its just by the entranceway. She said no its only hold the door open, I said your advertising 20% off and its not holding a door open I took a picture. She said is that all I said huh. She hung up. This is THE WORST SERVICE EVER. EVEN AFTER THE MISSED MY ORDER AND WERE SO RUDE. I STILL PAID FOR MY ORDER BUT WE WILL NEVER BE BACK. I AM GOING TO POST THIS ON YELP AND GOOGLE…WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER HAD!!!!
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Mike Torres
The food at this place is NOT Chinese food. For a reason they are mailing local residents coupons for free entrees. The food purchased was not eatable, sorry Panda Express at this location. 🙁 let’s add a positive experience and I will, first time trying out Express back in 2010 store located close to Lloyd center, Portland, Oregon. Food was made with love and not by robots. Your franchise needs attention.
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