Oscar’s Mexican Food

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Address: 12711 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Phone: (858) 486-3927


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Not a bad spot. Convenient, 24 hours. Got a carne aside burrito that was pretty big for under $10. I wasn’t blown away by the quality of the food. It’s just another taco shop. Worth coming back
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Food is always good but our service today was the worst we’ve had. Been coming here for years and tonight my boyfriend asked for extra red sauce because they didn’t ask us if we want red or green ( which they usually do). They gave us both but we nly like the red and there’s not enough for 3 burritos and a Carne asada fries. He went in after going through the drive thru and asked for more. They said they couldn’t give us more hot sauce unless we pay for it. If this the case I would not come here anymore. This is BS, I’m sorry but it’s just hot sauce and they’re in the tiny little soufflé cups.
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Michael Puente
I had the two hard-shell beef taco plate. Plenty of beef. Fryer oil was fresh resulting in a crispy, tasty traditional beef taco. The beans were rather bland and bitter. White beans would have been a better choice to serve customers. Rice was ok. Red salsa was ok.
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Adam h
Anyone who has lived in Poway for a while knows ol’ Brick-bertos here has had its ups and downs since Taco Bell moved away from the location decades ago. Whoever is running the place now knows what they’re doing. They’ve got a good group of people slinging out delicious dishes that just nail the world-renowned San Diego taco shop flavor. I judge these places on their California burrito, and Oscar’s nails it with impeccable consistency and quality. They give you a forearm sized burrito with no fancy frills, simply meat, fries, pico, cheese, just as it should be. The carne asada is consistently well-flavored and tender without any gristle. I honestly think they’re right up there with the likes of such San Diego favorites as Lolita’s or El Azteca.
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Daniel Paraiso
Fast, delicious. Carne asada reminded me a little bit of corned beef- flavor and texture.Rolled tacos are on point. Salsa, I give a C minus.
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Summer Lujano
Workers are very friendly. Food was pretty good. Fairly priced too. I had the beef tacos with beans and rice. The beef was soft and juicy and the sides were also good. They also have a drive through!
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If you find yourself on poway road and hungry for Mexican food you’ll notice about 15 places to eat. The only place that you should consider is Oscar’s. The quality of food is better, the portion are bigger and the prices won’t kill your wallet.
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jose barrett
Very delicious the yellow corn tortillas are no good ask for flour tortillas they are way better, trust me.
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