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Address: 38 Cornwell Dr, Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Phone: (856) 451-7500


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Bridgeton, NJ 08302, Authentic Chinese cuisine available for dine-in, delivery and carry out. Seafood specialities and lunch specials.

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Page · Chinese Restaurant. 38 Cornwell Dr, Bridgeton, NJ, United States, New Jersey. (856) 451-7500. Open now.


Brookelynn Beauty
This is the only good Chinese food in Cumberland country! I recently moved down here and I’ve had a hard time finding a place where the people are nice and the food is delicious. I’m glad I finally found a great spot!
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Love Of Truth
To say my experience with this restaurant is excellent is an understatement! I accidently went to the wrong restaurant (with the same name, in Vineland) as they were closing. They still took my order even though they were about to close. Then when they call me and the other place says they don’t have my order I realize I mixed up. The lady was so sweet and patiently waited for me, even though they were already closed. I felt so bad. I ended up getting there at 1115 and the cooks and the lady were waiting for me. They were really nice about everything though it was 45 min after close. So I can vouch that they have excellent service. Not only that, but the order was just as I ordered and was perfect and delicious. I’m so happy I finally tried here, because they’re right around the corner and open the latest out of anyone in the area. Go give it a try!
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Wanda Dubois
Good food. Prices are getting high everywhere.
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Tami-Jo Hutchins
The food here is hit or miss. The staff is sometimes rude, but the boys that used to work there are very nice. I just don’t understand how they get away with cheating people on their prices. Watch them…and watch your money. Weights and measure should audit them. I have even told them the total was wrong before but then they pretend not to understand you. It has happened to me every time for years but only when the lady takes your order. It may only be a few cents to a dollar or so more, but if she does that to every customer, then she is collecting oodles of money … and not claiming it cause it is an overcharge. To be fair, there are at least four places in South Jersey that does this, but they are all Chinese or pizza places. They all pretend not to understand when you tell them that the total due wasn’t correct. But I gaurantee that they would understand perfectly if you did it to them. Actually there was a study where a man was asking for just a penny from people …. he proved that just a penny could add up to a million dollars if you got enough!
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jersey corolla lu vazquez
The food was excellent and the staff was friendly
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Jeff Dougan
Best Chinese food in Cumberland County, by far. Best shrimp fried rice I’ve ever eaten. Egg rolls are crispy, not oily. Highly recommend!
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Shelly Lynn
Great food but double check your order before you leave the girl doesn’t always hear you correctly
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Earl Bristowe
Great food and service the last 7 years I been going there
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Johnnie Gilman
As far as chinese food goes there food is fresh and tastes great, nice and clean restaurant friendly also I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
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SuicidalPoptart09 09
The food was great, as usual. It was a little busy but still organized
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