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We are monitoring all local, state and federal regulations to provide customers with contactless ordering options. While some restaurants may have dining rooms open, others are serving customers through the Drive Thru, with Mobile Order & Pay on the McDonald’s App, and with McDelivery®. McDonald’s remains committed to following the data and science with safety as our top priority. In response to the CDC’s guidance, crew and customers will be required to resume wearing masks inside U.S. restaurants in areas with high or substantial transmission, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are always required for customers and crew who are not vaccinated. In addition to performing deep cleaning, safety shields are also in place for protection.

Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: 1831 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

Phone: (503) 227-6870


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brandon adams (Tattoos by Brandon)
If anything your ordering contains a sauce or condiment definitely make it a point to ask them you go lite with the chit. Took all 4 napkins they gave my family to wipe off what looked like 18 squirts of spicy sauce on my murdered spicy chicken mcripsy to even make remotely it close to edible. On top of that they managed to annihilate and drown in mayonnaise the hot n’ spicy mcChicken….that we didn’t order but paid for and received. Thanks for trying to kill me and making it disgusting.
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Stephanie Gilbert
They have a walk-up window, which is great! But the employees definitely put in less effort than they should. A female worker over charged me $1 and I believe this was on purpose.
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jo way
2 years after most restaurants opened their lobbies, this place still hasn’t under the guise of ‘safety’. In reality, it’s anti-homelessness. They overcharge for all items and DoorDash drivers are treated extremely poorly at this location on top of it, being forced to wait in the cold or heat and the store never responding to phone calls.
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Tiffany Moehnke
I knew it was downtown Portland however I learned it was the heart of the ghetto.
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Rose Sommers
Okay. My neighborhood McDonalds. Not the greatest neighborhood, but staff is patient. Communication could be improved as I attempted to go through the drive thru between the hours of 3:50 am – 4:08 am. This is when they choose to do cash only – at multiple Portland locations (3:30-4:10 to flip kitchen line to breakfast). The cash only portion does not make sense- especially in Portland and especially at these hours. As mentioned, I was in the drive thru during this time frame and was told I would have to wait another 10 minutes to order (making it 4:20am) I understand the logistics of flipping a kitchen line and prepping for a new service; however, McDonalds is a large enough company to understand the value of communication to customers. So I called another location, received the information regarding the “cash only” policy and am in line there now. Also staff at location again was patient and friendly; this review is a judgment on an operations level. Never so disappointed in such a successful corporation.
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I applaud this McDonald’s for creating a somewhat welcoming and sage place for the houseless. I’m part of that community and for the most part, were treated the same an can hold a sign or sleep or just rest and chill there. Food is bomb and service is okay, pretty slow but only because they’re always busy. Whn they are busy though, I dislike the staffs attitude and rushed order taking. I understand customer service is hard, believe me, but they need to work on the hiring process to have more empathetic and patient workers.
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Meranda “Port Watcher” Smith
You cannot go inside of the restaurant and order or eat food, there is a walk up window right next to the drive-thru which doesn’t always feel real safe that you have to order through. And there are many homeless people that every time I have been there Panhandle me while I’m standing there waiting for my order and one time it took about 15 minutes to get my order and that I was standing there being subjected to that. So if you’re at all scared of drug addicts or homeless people you should probably avoid this McDonald’s.
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Papa J
Only negative thing I have to say is I wish the lobby was open. Staff is great. They have to put up with a lot yet they’ve been kind and patient with me and my friends.
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Selena McKay
I order delivery from this location often but I’m going to stop. Every time I order from here there’s at least one problem. Usually it’s forgetting straws and napkins, which is no big deal but the last two times have been pretty bad. One order they forgot my apple pies, my large fries were half full, and no straw. The most recent one my burger was pink in the middle and overloaded with ketchup and onion when all I asked for was extra pickle, and as usual no straws (but at least they remembered napkins).
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Gary Barnes
They gave my delivery guy a cold leftover breakfast order when I ordered some burgers and mcnuggets. They should probably pay more attention to what they give people before they walk off. Not to mention I ordered with postmates and they gave him a grubhub order too.
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