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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: 1798 Falls Blvd, Wynne, AR 72396

Phone: (870) 587-0392


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Alyssa Webb
I pulled up around 11:00 and waited 30 minutes to even get to the speaker for them to take my order. I then waited 10 minutes for someone to take me order which they never did. I was so angry I just pulled off and came home. The Wynne Mcdonald’s needs more or better employees. This is unexceptional.
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Troy Pigg
Why can they not do anything about the drain flies? Second week tried to eat with grandkids and flies were everywhere. In your food , on the tables in our faces. It’s disgusting!!!!
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Josh Fiting
Paper thin meat on big Mac not how it was ordered forrest city Mc Donald’s
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Tyler Wolf
I sat at the window for 22 minutes while the other lane was getting orders. They asked me to wait than just completely forgit about me I pulled up too the window finally to make my order and was told just too drive around that I was holding up the line. There was no one behind me. Management needs too do something about night shift, this is just one of many annoying issues I’ve had with this specific store. Hell the employees in forrest city are basically throwing a trap house party every night and I never have any issues from them accept from the obnoxious loud music coming from the kitchen.
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