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We are monitoring all local, state and federal regulations to provide customers with contactless ordering options. While some restaurants may have dining rooms open, others are serving customers through the Drive Thru, with Mobile Order & Pay on the McDonald’s App, and with McDelivery®. McDonald’s remains committed to following the data and science with safety as our top priority. In response to the CDC’s guidance, crew and customers will be required to resume wearing masks inside U.S. restaurants in areas with high or substantial transmission, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are always required for customers and crew who are not vaccinated. In addition to performing deep cleaning, safety shields are also in place for protection.

Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: 210 Kernstown Commons Blvd, Winchester, VA 22602

Phone: (540) 868-0126


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Rick Garrett
I went inside for lunch today instead of the drive through as I wanted to eat in the air conditioning and though food was average “McDonald’s food” at best the customer service by one particular associate working the front counter 9-1-23 @ 11:23 AM was amazing his name is Angel. Just off the charts! Polite, respectful, attention, smile. This young man deserves this recognition today!
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Mary Kasbohm
We ordered 2 mcchicken sandwiches on mobile order. When we got to the window to pick them up, the server ignored us. After about 10 minutes we got her attention and asked about our order. She responded, “Don’t blame me! I’m not the one cooking them!” Then she directed us to wait in a numbered spot. After a few minutes, another person brought the order out. The sandwiches were barely wrapped and just thrown in the bag. When we got home. 5 minutes away, and started eating, we found that the chicken was cold, so it probably sat in the bag on the counter the whole time we were waiting. I wouldn’t have even written all of this except the girl and the window was so rude. Perhaps she needs training in customer service…..
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Donna E
There was a very very friendly gentleman helping us. He was great. Than a bus full of kids came in. I was trying to go to restroom and they were in hallway cheering and twerking. Not one adult told them to sit down. They were rude I said excuse me I would like to get through. Do adults not know how to control an kids And Manager was to scare to open his mouth.
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Tracy Brown
Haven’t been to Micky D’s for a long time. I got a big Mac the bun was normal size, but the hamburger was no bigger than a 3inch diameter and I wasn’t impressed. The fries were over salted, but the tea was very good and fresh.
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Mini Mystery
Stopped here for lunch during a roadtrip. The place was clean-ish but the real problem was the employees. The younger employees seemed like a clique, and instead of helping the customers (us) they stood in the corner and giggled and whispered while glancing at my husband in line. He ended up having to beckon to them to get attention. And when they did help him they ended up being extremely rude. Our food was off, my cheeseburger didn’t taste like a normal cheeseburger. If you are looking for a place to eat- I’d wait for the next exit!!
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Shaina Hiser
We just went through the drive thru and needed a minute to decide, when someone came on the intercom and said “can y’all hurry up” The first person who talked had a feminine voice, the person who told us to hurry up had a masculine voice. we had not even been there 5 minutes yet. We left without ordering.
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Hannah Pinkley
I went through the drive through today after a very long day in hopes for the “fast food” experience. The person over the speaker either could not hear me or was just saying the wrong thing back on purpose to the point I spelled out the word PIE and was told “oh we out of them just now”. Not a huge deal I get to the 2nd window and pay and was given way more money back then my $5 change so I corrected him he said so sorry off day. No big deal corrected that. But he then told me to have a good day…. I say oh I still need my food. Waited quite a while for a plain cheeseburger and fries I start driving away and check my food and it is 3-4 burgers fries so not my food. I went inside informed them of the issue and saw a line of people waiting from what I was told over 10 mins for “fast food”?? I assumed my order was going to be corrected quickly but they didn’t work on it they all stood around and talked.. what is going on in this location? What happened to McDonald’s? I haven’t been in forever and maybe this is why. I just thought this was a company that cared but now it is really all teens working but not really. Sad sad sad! Mrg included!! I do not recommend this location! They have another up the street in either direction try those.
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Daniel Howell
Just got a double cheeseburger plain from this store. The buns were soping wet with grease. I actually squeezed some of the grease out of them. The box holding the sandwich was falling apart because it was soaked with grease. It was like they dipped everything in the fryer. The whole bottom of the bag was was soaked with grease. I had to grab it from the bottom when they handed it to me. I thought it would fall out on the street. I am sure I will now tonight at work have to make numerous trips to the restroom!
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Nicholas Sims
I got to McDonald’s way before they got swamped and I never got my food so I had to go to work without breakfast, I was told that they were going to be giving me a fresh patty for my steak, egg, and cheese bagel, so I waited more than 15 minutes for the sandwhich by that time I left because I didn’t want to be late to work.
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Ian Foose
I stopped by for breakfast before starting a road trip, everything was good and tasty!
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