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Leng's Chinese Food 92040

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Leng’s Chinese Food at 9610 Winter Gardens Blvd, Lakeside CA 92040 has closed. Find your nearest in Lakeside.

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Stop by Leng’s Chinese Food in Lakeside for flavorful fare and refreshments. … 9610 Winter Gardens Boulevard, Lakeside, CA 92040 Directions. +16193904744.


Melissa Dillenbeck
I came at 10:00 they where closed because they open at 11:00 but the guy owner saw me and opened right away very nice guy very welcomeing the food way amazing and flavor full the wife was a little rude but nice before we left all in all very happy and so was my family
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Shirley Montero
My New Favorite Chinese Restaurant!!! I’ve been looking for a new Chinese restaurant in the. Lakeside area. New to this area and always looking for some good food for my family and I, especially Chinese. Ordered Orange Chicken w/fried rice, broccoli beef w/fried rice, house lo mein and war won ton soup for my family of 6. Great portions and so delicious… Great customer service and it was done in 15min fresh. Affordable for my family of 6. Definitely my new place I’m going to be ordering from. The only thing is you have to pay in CASH, which is not a deal breaker for me, I’m still going to eat here.
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Iris Corona
Very yummy!! Sweet and sour pork and fried rice was so good. I love that it’s just around the corner from where we live. Everyone we met were very kind and helpful. Totally recommend. 🙂 was a nice little dinner date
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Denise Jones
CASH ONLY! Orange Chicken and Szechuan Shrimp was very good. Rice was not sticky, which I like.
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Julian Cabins
The “Lady” is very nice just have to get to know her. The food is awesome and that is why they have been around so long. They put in many hours to support their family. The food is all amazing in my opinion especially the onion pork!
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Joseph Mosca
The best thing about this place was the person who delivered the food. Well mannered and polite. As for the ARROGANT woman who answes the phone and messes up order continuously, She gets the lowest rating imaginable. She sends me 2 combo dinners for 26 dollars and just send rice and green beans and forget about putting Shrimp in. After waiting an hour and a half for food. I call and tell them to bring me my shrimp, she hangs up in my face 3 times. When i tell her I’ll drive there she says ok. I go there to give her the food back, she tells me she naking the shrimp now. I told her I dont want the food now. I want my money back, except for the 5$ tip for the delivery person, it wasnt his fault about the shrimp…She had the nerve to tell me not to come back no more. I said to myself this woman must be crazy if she thinks I would ever subject me or anyone else to such horrible service. The 2 customers waiting for there take out also couldn’t believe the way they treated paying customers. I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worse enemy. Now I know why everytime I pass the place its EMPTY. I should have known better. And i could see if the food was good, at best the good was below average quality. Maybe they should open a pizzeria.THIS IS MY REVIEW, MY ADVISE IS FIND ANOTHER CHINESE TAKE OUT…
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Rosa Cardoza
I will never eat here again. My mom and I got the almond chicken and it was so disgusting!!! It gave me a stomach ache. The rude, older woman took our order and no matter how nice I was and how much I smiled she was still a jerk. I will definitely look for another Chinese food place.
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Heather Galea
The orange chicken is great! Great service and awesome place! Love the food everything is good that we have tried! Egg drop soup is along one of my favs served with friend wonton shreds for a topper! Delish
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Don’t be fooled by the lady that takes the orders. When you order it is like ordering from the soup nazi! You say I want onion pork and she will say fried or white rice and you will answer and she will say 10 minutes and end the call lol! Awesome food and I know I have been to the orient many times…
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Scam Assassin
I really like this hidden jem. Food is good and made to order! Not sitting in a metal pan. Owners are really good people. Take a minute and get to know them. Great Chinese food, great portions, fair price. Cash Only
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