Las Golondrinas Mexican Food

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Local counter-serve chain offering a menu of classic Mexican fare in a low-key setting.

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Address: JERONIMO BUSINESS CENTER, 25800 Jeronimo Rd # 700 # 700, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Phone: (949) 455-0155


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Las Golondrinas offers scratch-made Mexican food and tortillas. Order family packs to feed the crew or party packs to feed even more!

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We have an extensive delivery and catering menu. View our a la carte menus and our party packs to get your scratch-made Mexican food fix!

Las Golondrinas Mexican Food menu – (949) 240-8659

Restaurant menu, map for Las Golondrinas Mexican Food located in 92624, Capistrano Beach CA, 34069 Doheny Park Road.


A Pizano
This restaurant brand has been a staple in south orange county for many years. This particular location is small with only a few tables to seat in, servicing mostly carryouts. Their burritos and tamales are delicious and are well known in the area. That also have yummy tacos, tortas, quesadillas all must haves in any Mexican restaurant. Surprisingly, they have been able to keep budget prices in most products and I would say you couldn’t find better prices in this area. Great quaint location for everyday lunch or dinner for the working people.
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Alexandra Franco
The cheese! The grease! The piles of meat cooking on the grill! I dream about this place ever since moving out of SoCal. Do yourself a favor and grab a bag of chips and salsa and guac from the Ready To Go fridge, thank me later. I also applaud this place for offering the poor single people like myself the option for a bag of chips that isn’t enormous and destined to go stale; they have these great smaller bags that are perfect sized for 1-2 people not trying to have chips for their next 3 meals.
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Cerulean Fish
Misson Viejo location for this small mexican food chain. When I went last I had a Daves Burrito and ordered it wet. It came in a burrito sized box that was overflowing with sauce (pics). After I poured off 2-3oz of extra sauce, the burrito was good tasting. Pico de gallo? Extra and runny… Guacamole? Priced in little cups like its gold (pics). Chips to go with the pico de gallo? Extra in bags, over salted, and in stale oil, ewww. I paid close to 15$ for a burrito, chips, drink and pico de gallo with guac… For one person??! I feel bad for the locals who have to go here. I’ve paid closer to 10$ at local carnicerias in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana or Capistrano. For some odd reason if you ask at the counter for picante sauce, they give you a chili de arbol kind of roasted sauce or tapatio. The chili de arbol sauce is free?? But there is charge for pico de gallo?? Weird… Agreed with other reviewers, the counter space and one or two chrome tables were disgusting with old food smeared on them. I did go after lunch, but staff had time to clean, they either didn’t want to or otherwise. Tables and floors made me scared to ask to use the one bathroom. There was no line and only one table in use, besides the corner of counter I was on. Credit to the staff, they could have had a huge order but they didn’t really seem to be moving. I’ve worked restaurant staff and Mgmt positions and with their open kitchen (ok, that was cool) I didn’t see much activity. One table (two?) outside crammed in next to the entrance. Shared strip mall parking between Fedex and Sherman Paints. I would not go back, in the past the place was cleaner and more of a value… I found the staff to be very short for answers and not very friendly or helpful. The food was decent, but overpriced and so not much of a value. I had a sit down table service meal that cost close to that per person today. This is casual front counter to-go service. The real deal breaker was the cleanliness. If the front of the house is that gross, how’s the back??
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Queen C
Whenever we had a potluck at work someone would always bring chips and salsa from here. I come here for chips and salsa but I finally got to try their hard shell tacos and they were delicious. I like when there’s a distinction between warm and cold ingredients. The shell and meat were warm but the lettuce cheese and onions were ice cold. Those tacos were so good! They were $2 each since it was taco Tuesday. Hubby always gets the Big Dave burrito with carne asada it’s his favorite. Service was good and they were wiping down all the common areas in the restaurant while we were there.
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Lori Bell
My brother in law told me about this place. His family has been coming here for years. We always get tamales for Christmas Eve. Well, we were craving a good tamale, so drove down, and was not disappointed. I have tried all of the different tamales they offer, even the sweet ones, and really enjoyed them all. I will have to try some more of the menu….I saw a burrito being made, and it was HUGE, and looked delicious. But if you want a good tamale, you can’t go wrong with Las Golondrinas
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