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Longtime chain serving a variety of donut flavors & shapes, plus coffee & frozen drinks.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Krispy Kreme 28412



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Address: 2822 College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412

Phone: (910) 799-1560


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Patrick Robertson
Never had a bad experience ever at a krispy kreme anywhere, this is why it pains me to put a bad review. Also as a note you cant reciew on the app or website, so Google was the only place I could put it. But im from out of town and 30 min away but the kiddos wanted the St. Patricks day assortments, so I order online and drive the 30 min to the nearest location. I get there and after a few min I give my name and they bring me one box, I open to check as they walk away, assuming theyre grabbing my 2nd assorted St. Payricks day box. I check the firat and its the dozen green glazed, no prob. After a few min they come back to the window and ask If they can help me with something. I mention im missing a box of the assorted St. Patricks day, and they ask for my reciept, to which I reply, it was an online order, one green glazed the other assorted. After a few min, they bring me another box…of course at this point I check it, half assorted St. Patricks day, half glazed and clearly not what was ordered. I wait a few min, they return to the window again, I mention the mix up and im told, they ran out. Concerned I mention the price difference, and without a beat im told I can just cancel the order, and return the donuts. I was so surprised at the lack of customer service, and seeing that nothing will be done I just embarked on my 30 min drive back. I guess there is a first time for everything.
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Consistent, delicious, good looking donuts every single visit. Fairly quick service, and nice employees.It’s one of our go to places!
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Julie Morgan
I was upset the hot light was not on. But the clerk told me the times it would be. So I would know next time because I love getting the Hot Glazed. Also I was just disappointed y’all don’t have the sugar coated Blueberry or the Cinnamon Apple! I live on other side of town & wish y’all had a store near Market Street. Anyway, the clerk Ariona was very pleasant & helpful! Great Smile! I highly recommend her as part of your staff! Also, always recommend Krispy Kreme!
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Bethany Palmer
I can never seem to catch the hot and ready sign but this location does a great job each time I go by. Soft iced donuts and decent drinks. My favorite is a mixed dozen with lots of jelly filled
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The KO Report
I gave this location 2 stars for a couple of reasons. First was the speed, or lack there of. Second was the donuts themselves. I only ordered two and it felt like 8 were in the box. When I picked one up it folded over itself from the weight. I’m not sure what was wrong with it but I had never had one like that from KK before.
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Stephen Jones
I’m reviewing this based on today’s visit. Normally, this place is awesome and have never had an issue until today. Used the app at the drive through for the points. Cashier had no clue how to handle it (just use the hand held scanner). The biggest issue with today’s visit was the quality of the donuts. Way too much glaze and it never even touched the bottom of the donuts. I like glazed but come on! Even someone with no training could look at these and figure out it’s not right.
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Ashley Wood
I thought after the renovations would change it would be better. Nope. The stock is terrible, they hardly ever have anything you want or that’s advertised, and that’s not the employees fault. But what IS the employees fault is that some (emphasis on some) of them are SO RUDE. Every time we’ve gone in the past two years, especially in drive thru. I worked drive thru for four years. I know it sucks. But that’s not the customers fault either.
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Jennifer Kennedy
Probably the worst Krispy Kream experience I have ever had. The donuts tasted like old grease. We ordered an frozen vanilla latte and a regular latte. He didn’t know how to make a frozen one so asked if I would take iced (I said okay bc he was clearly having a bad day and I was just wanting some coffee). I could then see that the expresso machine was broken as the the person working the counter was super grumpy and clearly angry with everyone. He had already rang everything up and didn’t have donut holes. So we were already out that item. He started to make regular drip coffee and tried to make that work. But didn’t even let it brew. Truly the worst coffee I have ever had. So terrible.
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Cali R
A lot of problems with this location.
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Kelly C
Everytime I go in this Krispy Kreme I have to wait over 5 minutes before any one even speaks. There is usually 3 or 4 employees walking around on the back. Tales forever to get someone to wait on you. The person doing drive thru is usually busting tail to wait on all the cars all by themselves. But the donuts are delicious
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