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Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.

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Friday10 AM–11 PM
Saturday10 AM–11 PM
Sunday10 AM–11 PM
(Labor Day)
10 AM–11 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10 AM–11 PM
Wednesday10 AM–11 PM
Thursday10 AM–11 PM

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Address: 12621 W Bell Rd, Surprise, AZ 85378

Phone: (623) 977-4214



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The clerk at the drive through window had trouble understanding the 2 four piece and 2 sides for each dinner we wanted to order. Then we get home and no sides in the bag! They were charged and on the receipt. Back again 7 miles. She brought out the missing sides….and one of the sides was again not in the bag! The whole fiasco took miles of driving in the heat and nearly an hour and a half to finally get the order right. Not fast food by any means. For the price of the food it was an awful experience. The food was greasy and not so good, hardly any chicken on the bone. We are not returning after this fiasco. We should have checked other reviews for this place and been forewarned.
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Karlisa L
I understand there is a shortage nationwide at the moment however, if I’m paying for a meal that you do have available I expect my money’s worth….instead I get a half way filled famous bowl. This is ridiculous. If you don’t have enough to make the food properly let me spend my money else where. Won’t be visiting this location again.
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Marnie Peck
This is a mixed review. First time we went here the order was perfect and the food delicious. Today they managed to mess up our order even after we asked them to double check. The order was 8 piece dark meat. We ended up with a crazy mix of light and dark meat and the chicken we did get was dry and tasteless. Oh, and the flies around the window were disgusting. Several got into our car and came home with us. UGH. Sorry. Lost our business for good.
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If I could give negative stars I would. This location is a train wreck. My husband just went there, placed his order in the drive thru, once he got to the window they repeated a completely wrong order so he had to reorder at the window. Then he had to pull around to the front to wait and once they brought the food out he was still missing items and had to go back in and get them. He gets home and I start looking at the food and it’s absolutely disgusting! I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. My wings had no chicken left. It looked like it had been fried all day. It was petrified chicken at that point and same with the popcorn chicken. Then there is what looks like mold on the single mashed potatoes and a powdery substance in the family size mashed potatoes. Completely disgusting! He spent over $50 for this garbage! Please bulldoze this location! I’ve had nothing but issues. How hard is it to take an order and cook fresh food that is edible! Only thing you’ll get from this location is food poisoning and violent runs for days! don’t go here!
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Greg Horner
Once again got our order wrong. Ordered 3 pot pies got 2. Also got the Mac and cheese that had something green and nasty in it. Will NOT be eating here again.
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Shane Rowland
Ordered 2 famous bowls, they only put one in the bag after a 15 minute wait. While I’m waiting on the other bowl inside the restaurant, my wife comes inside the store upset because the one bowl they gave us is COLD! She asked the employee to warm it up and her response was “don’t you have a microwave?”
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Bobby Patricca
Placed an online order for my wife to pick up. She brought it home and one side was missing and what we got was not correct. Also, the mashed potatoes were supposed to be larges, but the containers were less than half full. Called and was told “well I’m sure you don’t want to come back, so…” which is where I interrupted and said that yes, I will indeed come back because I have hungry kids who are upset that the food they wanted wasn’t in the bag.
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Lilia Velazquez
Horrible experience. Doesn’t deserve a star. I ordered an 8 piece chicken tender meal with mash potatoes, fries, biscuits and ranch sauce. I Paid $30 for the meal. The staff told me there was a wait on the biscuit and to park by the front door. During my wait the cashier came outside to ask me what I ordered. He returned a 2nd time to say there was a wait on fries. I told him that was unacceptable since I had been waiting 20 min. He finally delivered my order. I live 30 min away only to arrive at home and my order was wrong. He gave me original chicken, 1/2 a filled mash potatoes order, no biscuits (which was the reason for my wait) and no ranch sauce. Poor service!!! Waist of money and my time. I will never return to this location.
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Gayle Riggs
This store is really dirty. You can see from where you order & pick up food. I ordered the 14 piece meal, 7 legs, 7 thighs, lg coleslaw, gravy & lg potatoes. I get home, the lg mashed potatoes is only half full then I go to get chicken out, it’s mix match with wings, 1 peg leg, breast & thighs. I went back to store with the chicken & asked for what I ordered..I got a look like why?? If I wanted wings I would make them myself.. They replaced it. I won’t go back as I shouldn’t have to take my orders back. Waste of my time & gas. I tried to call the number listed on here but got a message to enter my passcode..smh…ya no more KFC from at least this location. I do hope their district manager if they have one gets them to clean up store as it is really bad. When you can see it going up walls & either their ovens or warmers are so nasty looking….no excuse….
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Rich Tracy
Ordered new BBQ, had no cheese and no bacon and it was cold crew was horrible mgr wouldn’t even come out of office. Seen the low ratings thought I would give it a chance. The 2.5 rating was to high there’s a lot of chicken places to choose from most certainly will not choose KFC again DONE!!!!!!! COST ME OVER $12.00 TO LEARN THIS LESSON!!!
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